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Asus G46VW Not Recognizing Graphics Card

The ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics ever inch Republic of Gamers has been causing quite the stir for its high-end GTX M GPU that automatically propels it to the head of its size class in terms of graphical power. Notebookcheck is no stranger to the Asus roster having reviewed a number of top models in including the The expectedly high performance and surprisingly low system noise earned each model high scores in the DTR category. Asus has promised models with Thunderbolt support and higher resolutions beyond x pixels to launch at a later date. Find out here if this inch gamer lives up to its namesake and what unfortunate compromises have been made in order to shrink the familiar form factor. This means the notebook will be instantly recognizable to ROG fans even from a distance since the smooth, rubberized matte jet black finish and large dual rear vents are signature designs for the G Series lineup.

How to switch NVIDIA card to onboard card on G46VW

Those who have experience with a G75V will feel right at home with the G46VW and may even be more impressed with ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics latter as it offers stiffer hinges and brushed aluminum palm rests. Gone are the hints of silver surrounding the keyboard; everything shares the same glare-free shade of black from top to bottom for a more uniform and agreeable impression. Compared to its closest competitor, the Alienware M14xthe G46 is both lighter 2. In terms of build ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics, the base is very resistant to warping side-to-side twisting and only minimal depressions can be seen when applying pressure with a finger.

The centers of both the keyboard and outer lid surfaces continue to be the weakest locations ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics are where depressions can be most visible. Fortunately, the G46 does not demonstrate any large or significant amount of flexing around its base to cause worry. While the tough base leaves a good impression, the display is regrettably average in construction. Side-to-side twisting is a bit too easy for our liking and the inner plastic bezel surrounding the display has an obvious thin plastic feel despite its sleek appearance. The outer lid is somewhat weak to pressure as well especially down the center. Aesthetically, however, the G46 has hit all the right marks. Connectivity As with most gaming notebooks, the G46VW offers a wide selection of physical connectivity ports at the cost of integrated Smartcard readers, WWAN, GPS, and other functionalities that are typical amongst business-centric notebooks.

However, Asus has discarded the optical drive ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics has one less audio output than the competing Alienware model.

Still, all physical ports are easy to reach as none are located on the rear and leave plenty of mouse room for both left- and right-handed users. Gigabit Ethernet, 2x USB 3. While no other wireless configurations are ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics at this time, Asus claims future options for If so, this would allow bandwidth beyond the theoretical mbps standard commonly seen in wireless-N radios.


Otherwise, the standard Intel Centrino card should suit most users and gamers. Accessories The ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics does not ship with anything more than its large power adapter and quick start manuals. Special or proprietary accessories do not exist since the notebook lacks a docking port for dedicated extensions.


Asus does sell ROG branded gear such as headsets and mousepads through its official Republic of Gamers website. Warranty Beyond the basic one-year warranty, Asus offers extended services via the Asus Premium Care program if the user chooses to register the ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics and create login credentials.

The service includes all the familiar extended warranty options such as coverage for repairs and on-site troubleshooting. Input Devices Keyboard The backlit Chiclet keyboard The keys offer a fair amount of travel, but are soft when pressed. This ultimately contributes to a shallow feel during use as feedback is not as strong as it could have been. Consequently, the keys are very quiet, ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics more so compared to competing gaming notebooks and even most in its size class.

It becomes easy to appreciate the quiet typing after growing accustomed to the soft keys. We also applaud Asus for not shrinking the arrow keys, which often receive the short end of the stick with regards to size and positioning. processors ASUS G46VW NVIDIA Graphics NVIDIA® enthusiast-grade discrete graphics; Powerful gaming in portable form factor; Intelligent dual rear venting system boosts stability; Built.

Hi everyone My G46VW's NVIDIA GTX card is not working anymore but I I need a way to: Verify that I have a second Intel graphic card.

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