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The user of the product must read carefully all notes regarding mechanical and electrical safety, battery operation, correct use of the product and all other safety information before unpacking the system. The ACTion Imaging Solutions scanworksmanual responsible for the product should inform the ACTion Imaging Solutions scanworksmanual about hazards and how to counteract them. The product should not to be operated until the user has been instructed on correct use. Person in charge of the product The person in charge of the product has the following responsibilities: The person responsible for the product must ensure it is used in accordance with these instructions. This person is also accountable for the training and the deployment of personnel who use the product and for the safety of the equipment in use.

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At this point the user has three options; to press Save and save the data, to press Delete and discard the data or to press Scan to Rescan the document again. All information in the view desktop is true image data at the resolution set up in the scanner configuration controls.

  • ROMER Absolute Arm: Hexagon
  • Perceptron Software Technology - Perceptron Inc. Perceptron Inc.
  • ScanWorks Scan Software Installation and Operating Manual
  • ROMER Absolute Arm

A ACTion Imaging Solutions scanworksmanual scan and not a prescan has been made. Pressing Save instructs the operating system to apply the name provided by the user to scanned data. Because all of the data is already saved by the time the document stops moving ScanWorks control is returned to the operator very quickly after the Save icon is pressed except when the scan has been modified post-scan. The scanner model number and scanner firmware release is shown in brackets to the right of the word Scan on the first tab of the scan configuration controls.

This information will only be visible when ACTion Imaging Solutions scanworksmanual scanner is switched on and ready to scan. This button also permits the operator to browse, create folders and even rename files via In single scan mode the Colortrac SmartLF scanner will require the user to input the file name before pressing Scan - unless the user starts the automatic naming process by ending the name with a hyphen followed by a numeric sequence. For example a scan file name typed in ACTion Imaging Solutions scanworksmanual bracket and then Saved would cause ScanWorks to automatically generate the next file name as bracket This will continue until ScanWorks detects an identical filename in the same directory.

If you used the -nn file naming format above, pressing this icon will display the 4-tier file naming dialogue.

Use this feature to create ACTion Imaging Solutions scanworksmanual names for your scan files. For example: The counters work in a similar way to vehicle odometers except that the number at which any higher order counter will be advanced is not limited to This feature can be used with single scan or Batch scanning operations see next section. Press the In Batch scanning mode ScanWorks will automatically begin scanning the second and all following documents without the user pressing the Scan icon. The user only needs to load each document and ScanWorks will take over the naming, saving and eject processes automatically. Batch Scanning is dealt with in more detail later in the manual. In some models this button also doubles as a BACK button that can be used to remove the document from the front of the scanner.

If ScanWorks shows the Scan button, and Eject buttons lit, then the scanner is ready to be used. If the scanner is switched off or not connected to the computer, No scanner attached will be displayed and the Scan button will be greyed out. Balloon help giving basic guidance on the control or button under or ACTion Imaging Solutions scanworksmanual the current cursor position Units Set ScanWorks to Metric or Inches.

All measurement will display and require input using these units. Temporary files path This is the location reserved for all temporary storage required by ScanWorks. Language setting for ScanWorks A language change becomes effective after a program restart. Scale to gray For Black and White scanning. Makes small detail visible when viewing the whole drawing onscreen.

ScanWorks Scan Software Installation and Operating Manual - PDF

Enable Scan logging. Provides scan area, resolution color mode and time stamping. Batch statistics by scan and color mode.


Always use the local hard disk as the temporary drive. Colortrac also recommend for all network based scanning that scans be stored first locally and then transferred to the network afterwards. Paper ACTion Imaging Solutions scanworksmanual larger than the physical document will be cropped on length automatically by the scanner and can be width cropped by the operator as required. Paper sizes set smaller than the physical document will capture this area of the document from the point at which the scanner starts moving.


Automatic size Check this button to have the scanner automatically detect the document size. Note that for some compressed file formats a full prescan will be required prior to beginning the scan.

ROMER Absolute Arm: Hexagon

For most formats only a short document feed is used to find the width of the document with the length detected as the scan completes. Automatic sizing is recommended for use with side document justification only and not guaranteed effective for all types of documents. The scanner should be clean and well maintained. Detection performance can be affected ACTion Imaging Solutions scanworksmanual torn or folded documents.

Specify size Useful for non-standard paper sizes where automatic sizing may be too slow. Download ACTion Imaging Solutions Windows Drivers Free. Download ACTion Imaging Solutions Driver Update Utility scanworksmanual Driver. ACTion Imaging Solutions Free Driver Download. World's most popular driver download site.

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