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I removed the Youtube music links, since one can google the music, if one really wants to listen to it Jamie XX Cowon iAudio X5 Obvs This song is sort of an enjoy-meter for music listening.

Steel Pan, one or more, I cannot distinguish, is the main instrument. I love the sound of it. It is sort of melancholic, like the moment before the sun starts rising. Everything is grey, but you hear the birds already conjuring the sun. The X5 along Cowon iAudio X5 the PSe present the song pretty well.

This is not a song, one would use to test the highs of a setup. The spectrum is floating around the mids and lows. The X5, with its intimate mid presentation does pretty well with this song. With the standard settings the lows are not so prominent, as on other setups. Cowon iAudio X5

The Unnecessary Impressions Thread: Cowon iAudio X5L

I know that other sources, like the ifi iDSD micro packs a lot of more lows punch. On the other hand, if I would not know about many other setups, I probably would not mind. Also, as you probably already know, Cowon lets you customize the sound to your likings with the Cowon iAudio X5 settings you can chose from.

The difference with the 3DD lies in the lows, which are more prominent, but generally I like the song more together with the PSe. Nucleus — Elastic Rock This easy going song packs a lot of different instruments and therefore is not so bad for reviewing purposes. With the standard settings the guitar is slightly forward, just like the saxophones. The Bass-guitar is rather in the back. This song is well presented, but lacks a little Cowon iAudio X5 cannot describe it better. The PSe can retrieve quite some detail, but with the X5 it will not reach its best. With the 3DD the presentation is very intimate. Not small room intimate.

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Guitars are still forward, but just slightly. The electric bass can be distinguished very well. I would say that the saxophones are just right. It is Cowon iAudio X5 enjoyable hearing in the car, but sort does not please me with the X5 PSe combination. This little adapter is a must if you want to transfer files, use the line-in or line-out ports, or even recharge the device.


Back on the plus side, the X5's xpixel, ,color display looks good, if tiny at just 2 inches diagonally, with vibrant colors and Cowon iAudio X5 detail, although the so-so resolution results in a noticeable screen-door effect. The display manages to pack in plenty of info, including artist, album, and song names, along with dancing sound-level indicators and a progress bar. You can even use an image from your photo library as wallpaper--a nice touch. Accessories in the X5 box include a set of decent-sounding earbuds with a stylish dumbbell-type design, as well as a USB cable and a minijack-to-minijack cable for line-in recordings. Setup on the Cowon iAudio X5 is relatively simple, but don't expect to play video files directly out Cowon iAudio X5 the box.

Cowon iAudio X5 review: Cowon iAudio X5 - CNET

Using the USB 2. Applications, address books, system backups, silly powerpoint nonsense Personally, I despise id3 tags, and I have Cowon iAudio X5 own folder-based system for keeping my files organized. With X5, I can copy my files to my player and keep them exactly as they're structured on my computer, and never have to learn a new way of navigating. There's an equalizer that you can tweak to your heart's content, as well as select from the available presets. Doesn't get greasy smudges or fingerprints. The X5 includes a color screen on the unit. Video battery life is unspecified. Cowon iAudio X5

Cowon announced in May that the X5 series had been discontinued. Its successor, the Cowon iAudio X5 series, was slated to be released at some point in the summer of[1] but was delayed until October Its casing is a silver color instead of the black X5. There's also an "L" version available, which features enhanced battery life. The "L" version of the player is a little thicker and heavier though and costs slightly more. Weight. oz.

Included Accessories. USB cable, USB host cable, audio cable, interface adapter.


Software type. Cowon jetAudio, Cowon jetShell. Manufacturer. The Bottom Line The great-sounding Cowon iAudio X5 looks like an iPod Cowon iAudio X5 on paper, but this palm-size music and video player suffers from.

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