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Whatever your business, our Lava terminal servers can benefit you. You will find cost-effective Lava Ether-Serial Ports when you browse our selection. Our inventory provides simple installation, configuration and control for a hassle-free experience.


You will see that the serial ports look and act like they are built into your computer. For the best in terminal servers, choose our stock of Lava equipment.

Lava WIFI ESL 1-232-DB9 WLAN access point RJ45-to-RS-232 DB9, 802.11a/b/g, 500g

Need help finding a specific product? Please feel free to contact us for assistance. Finally, the LAVA Lifetime Warranty guaranteed that the product would remain very cost-effective and spoke to high reliability โ€” crucial considerations, especially since the final finished product is shipped to many remote locations in the world. The diagram below shows this setup connecting a DOS application to a piece of factory equipment. DOS Lava Link ESL 1 port RS-232 DB9 to factory equipment This concept is easy to test, as the diagram below shows.

Readycrest Ltd - Lava

While a two-device setup is used to demonstrate this concept, only one Ether-Serial Link is needed to actually send data to a peripheral, as we saw above. In the diagram below, the DOS application on the left is sending data to the serial device server on the left, by piping its data to COM 4. Inthe DIA ranked as the Lava Link ESL 1 port RS-232 DB9 largest municipally owned museum in the United States, with an art collection valued at more than one billion dollars. A00 Page 4 of 13 Figure 9: Detroit Institute of Arts And even with that, not all its collections are currently on display.

They are storing other materials off-site.


RS Remote Control of Televisions LAVA was approached by a video systems integrator who was operating a collection of televisions dispersed throughout a convention center. The televisions were controlled on their RS ports. Control codes sent through the serial ports gave him basic operation of the televisions. His original design had serial cables using signal amplifiers, led back to a switchbox, which in turn went to a computer. He was looking to reproduce his deployment in another location, and wanted a less expensive design. Ether-Serial Links gave him the ability to set up a cheaper and more flexible configuration. He was able to eliminate the signal amplifiers, and in places where the televisions were in a Lava Link ESL 1 port RS-232 DB9, he was able to control them with a multi-port serial device server.

Doing so meant he needed fewer Ether-Serial Links, and less network cabling as well.

Hobbyists have cleared many of the obstacles of out the way. The process of controlling a TV or monitor, in the case of digital signage is fairly straightforward, and in some cases people make freely available the code that they use to control their devices, using attractive and intuitive interfaces and full command sets. Serial control of televisions is discussed at sites such as: A quick search on the web shows that people have a variety of needs for converting one RS data format to another, for a variety of reasons, and the solutions are usually Lava Link ESL 1 port RS-232 DB9. For example, one might want to connect two serial devices that communicate at different, fixed baud rates, or with different parity settings. Without converting the serial data, these devices will not communicate.

But at other times, the hardware you want to connect cannot be changed: In these situations, resolving the connectivity problem has usually meant either coding software to do the specific job needed, or hunting down a piece of hardware to do the conversion again, just for that specific task. A case in point: They needed to get a cash register in 7-bit mode to communicate with a Lava Link ESL 1 port RS-232 DB9 server in 8-bit mode over serial, where both devices are fixed and not able to change their respective data bit sizes.

The solution was to install a Lava Ether-Serial device server on each serial connection and then use our devices to convert the 7-bit data from the cash register to 8-bit data for the Dakota video server. Because the serial ports of the two devices do not need to be set to the same port settings they can differ on any combination of port settings in factthe EtherSerial Links must โ€” and do โ€” manage the translation between ends of the connection. Lava Link ESL 1 port RS-232 DB9 this means is that the Ether-Serial Links can provide a transparent means of interconnecting devices with disparate serial port settings.

This of course is particularly useful when the devices in question cannot have their serial port settings altered, or not altered to match each other. A fringe benefit of this method of connecting devices in Data Connect mode is that the devices in question now also can be situated at any distance Lava Link ESL 1 port RS-232 DB9 each other, from near placement to any distance over the Internet. In the case of converting 7-bit serial to 8-bit serial for Dakota Security Systems: A00 Page 6 of 13 Wireless Connection to Power Meter While not strictly an Ethernet-to-serial implementation, this Ethernet-to-phone design is the equivalent, in that it is effectively a modem replacement.

In this case however, the modem is internal in a power meter, and that modem needs to see the Ethernet as a phone jack. The ultimate intention is to avoid a wired connection altogether, without replacing the power meter. It the power meter used to connect to a phone line, picked up a phone call, and sent data back.


Customers looking to use the Ether-Serial Link in a Windows 7 Embedded context will find this of interest. This release was developed for a Lava Link ESL 1 port RS-232 DB9 who wanted to install the Ether-Serial Link driver on a digital video recorder that uses Windows 7 bit Embedded. A sample system was provided to us for testing. A00 Page 7 of 13 Figure 1 PORT Ether Serial Links. 2 PORTS Ether Serial Links. LAVA ESL 1 PORT RS DB9. ESL 1 port RS DB9.

VIEW DETAILS ยท LAVA ESL 2-DB9. ESL 2. Any serial device can send its information to an Ether-Serial Link, which then The serial port of the LAVA Ether-Serial DB9 looks and acts precisely like.

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