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Founded inthis Chinese company made its Computex debut this year, where it's scouting for distributors to global markets.


Apistek also showed off two innovative cylindrical tower-type radiators for liquid cooling setups. Design of the two is inspired by Zalman Reseratora device which had a brief stint at the markets aroundthat combined the functionality of a pump, reservoir, and radiator into a single cylindrical device that doesn't need fans.

Its design involves a pump at the base, a dense helical metal coolant channel that lines the inner wall of a ridged metal cylinder, where heat is dissipated, and a reservoir at the top. Apistek showed off a mm-tall desktop variants that can optionally hold on to four mm fans for better cooling, and a taller mm pedestal version that doesn't need any fans. Both towers have independent AC ARLT Mr. Gamer X-Treme GTX 770 Haswell input and coolant pressure adjustment on device. Featured by btarunr Jun 7th, Measuring x x mm excluding the two angled feetand made mostly of aluminum with a tinted acrylic top, the case seats a mini-ITX motherboard vertically, right along the center, and in such a way, that its rear-panel ports stick out from the case' bottom.

The four main sides of the case are made of ridged 2 mm-thick aluminum, which double up as a CPU heatsink.

Six 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes conduct heat from the CPU to the body, where it's dissipated. The case can handle thermal loads from the CPU, of up to 65W.

Full text of "CU Amiga Issue Mar 98"

Internally, the motherboard tray splits the case vertically into two compartments, one of which is dedicated to drives. The case uses an external power brick.

The DB4 should look great in corner offices and living rooms. This monstrosity of the silent-type has room for large motherboard form-factors such as XL-ATX, HPTX, and EATX, apart from conventional ATX, with so much room to spare, that you can latch in two independent liquid-cooling loops, each with large radiators, all that with acoustic dampening.

The case offers four 5. Ventilation appears to include two mm front intakes, a couple of mm top exhausts that can be swapped out for a large x radiator, two mm conveyors near the drive cage that can make room for a x mm radiator or xif you ARLT Mr. Gamer X-Treme GTX 770 Haswell mind blocking three 5. The top vents open out, and can be completely shut. Two doors cover the front. Nanoxia, of the DeepSilence fame, unveiled a string of new yet-unnamed cases. One of them is this box-type mini-ITX beauty.

Driver Brew device

Roughly the size and shape of a micro-ATX tower, this is definitely one for those with an ITX itch, or at least those who prefer a smaller motherboard, with rest of the case' room better spent accommodating drives and cooling. The case gives you a horizontal mini-ITX motherboard tray with two expansion slots for double-slot graphics cards, and room for CPU coolers as much as mm tall. The case' lone 5. The bottom half of the case gives you a vertically-oriented PSU bay, a drive-cage that ARLT Mr. Gamer X-Treme GTX 770 Haswell you three 3. Ventilation includes two mm front intakes, mm and mm rear exhausts, and provision for a mm top exhaust.

At the end of the day, Lepa started off as a PSU maker, and that's where its expertise lies.

The company unveils several new PSUs at Computex, the most notable of which smiled for our cameras. The W model is good for most single graphics card builds, the W and W ones can take on dual-graphics card setups. The W is good for single card builds, W thru W for dual-card builds, and W thru W for triple-card ones. A 25 mm-thick x mm radiator, and two Lepa 70D mm fans come included. Impressed with Noctua fans, but not a fan of its scheme color-scheme" in which it's re-launching award-winning fans from its lineup, in pure matte black and 'no-frills' packaging. Take your pick. A star attraction at Noctua's Computex booth was a prototype CPU air cooler featuring an active noise-cancellation technology co-developed by RotoSub.

Pictured below, this aluminum monstrosity looks ARLT Mr. Gamer X-Treme GTX 770 Haswell a huge fanless cubical fin-stack, but in reality, is a D-type twin-tower heatsink with a large fan between its two stacks, equipped with active noise cancellation device.


It works much in the same way as noise-cancellation in premium headphones and smartphones. A mic inputs noise from the cooler, speakers give out the same noise with a phase difference, this causes destructive interference between noise coming from the speakers and the cooler, and noise is reduced. The speakers are positioned along each of the two fin-stacks.

Driver Powershot A430

The mics are just as discrete. Noctua stuck a mic into the test chamber with the cooler running, and visitors couldn't hear a thing, at least nothing that's louder than the morning crowds at Nangang, after the event has been opened up to the general public. The technology 'sounds' promising. Today, we are going to take a look at the Tesla R2 W, a PSU with a non-modular design, but Gold efficiency and good overall performance.


Kicking off this year's Electronic ARLT Mr. Gamer X-Treme GTX 770 Haswell Expo E3SteelSeries, the leading global innovator of gaming peripherals and leading sponsor of global eSports, introduced the new H-Series Headset line. Delivering tournament-grade audio, the new headsets all feature custom-engineered soundscapes and the newest generation of SteelSeries audio drivers designed specifically to enhance audio performance and sound details. Building off the legendary tournament and award-winning SteelSeries 5H, the new 5Hv3 and 3Hv2 headsets were designed for tournament grade audio with portability and extended comfort for the gamer that competes everywhere.

The H-Series can be recognized by its industrial design, solidly constructed for best-in-class durability. Download the latest drivers for your Arlt Computer Produkte Mr. Gamer X-Treme GTX Haswell to keep your Computer up-to-date. This page contains the list of device drivers for Arlt Computer Produkte Mr. Gamer X-Treme GTX To download the proper driver, first choose your operating.

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