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Skype opened up its development platform to all comers Tuesday, but it still has a disconnect between revenue generation and its platform efforts. Like many companies trying to build a dominant position in the technology ecosystem, Skype is navigating the path between dollars and devs. Something with easily browsable categories, ratings, reviews and simple purchase options? Several companies are trying to make an Apple App Store-like software shop for Windows. Yesterday we noted the launch of Pokki, a store that puts mobile-style applets on the PC desktop. Avenue is a user friendly, lightning fast and immediately available option for fully functioning Windows apps.

For most MSI Z68A-G45 (G3) THX TruStudio PRO a good wireless router is the one that you set up in a few easy steps and forget about it as long as it gets you online.

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But beyond the stock features that came with your router, there are many things that the hardware you bought might be capable of. After a relatively simple upgrade to a free third-party firmware, you ll be able boost your wireless signal, prioritize what programs get your precious bandwidth, and do lots of other stuff usually reserved for pro-grade wireless routers.

Nvidia gets excited about Alienware notebooks Description: You can buy the Alienware M18x notebook now if you re richer than the sense you have. There s an option to have two of the GPUs under the hood if it takes your fancy. It claims the GPUs offer up to six times the tessellation performance of "any other notebook GPU" along with a performance increase of 20 percent compared to the last lot. Eurocom Corporation, a leading developer of long lifespan, fully upgradable notebooks, high performance mobile workstations, All-in-One desktops and mobile servers is announcing support for the Killer Wireless-N highperformance wireless network adapter as another available wireless card option in Eurocom systems.

The addition of the Killer Wireless-N adapter by Bigfoot Networks gives Eurocom customers an ultra high-performance wireless card for their custom built notebook. The world has been waiting for an official Facebook tablet app, and waiting, and waiting. But that app may not appear on the iPad first although Facebook is working on an iPad app for sure. Sick of the day trial in World of Warcraft? There is a change for the better. Calling it the Starter edition, Blizzard will be making World of WarCraft free-to-play until your character reaches level 20 and their levels will remain capped until you purchase the full version. The PS2 title Makai Kingdom: The service offered by OnLive is quite intriguing, as it allows you to play games on any number of platforms. A high-end game plays just as well on the OnLive MicroConsole which hooks up to your TV as it does on your PC or laptop, regardless of the specifications of either computer.

At E3, the company even demonstrated the ability to stream games on an iPad; figuring out a way to handle the controls on a touchscreen aside, it s impressive. It might seem like a stretch, but it s in the process of speaking to both companies about possible support. Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 now available for download Source: In just less than 80 days, the Redmond giant has pushed out yet another Platform Preview for its upcoming Internet Explorer 10 web browser for developers to test and experiment with. And based on what we have seen, it appears that one thing is clear: Microsoft is deeply committed to enhancing a user s online experience with its web browser. If you would remember, we heaped praise on Microsoft in a story written two months ago when news broke out that the Redmond giant had already commenced work on the next version of its Internet Explorer web browser, and had even released a working Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 10 for developers to get their hands wet, in spite of the fact that Internet Explorer 9 was barely even a month old at that time.

Even though the Platform Preview had little to show in terms of new features, it was definitely a good sign for users, as it means that Microsoft is definitely taking steps to ensure that Internet Explorer remains as up-to-date as possible with the latest web standards. Fast forward to the present, and it seems that Microsoft is not about let up development on Internet Explorer 10 any time soon, for a quick visit to the Internet Explorer Test Drive Home Page reveals that the second Platform Preview for its upcoming web browser has already been made available for download.

Yep, all this in less than 80 days after the first Platform Preview was launched. Way to go, Microsoft. However, unlike the first Platform Preview which had extremely little to show off to developers, Platform Preview 2 is actually loaded with a ton figuratively speaking of new features which are bound to be of great interest to web developers, especially if they have already committed themselves to the new HTML5 standard. Most importantly, though, has got to be the fact that HTML5 forms are now supported as well, although web developers were quick to note that Microsoft s decision to not include support for the text-shadow attribute was a major disappointment.

In addition to the various new features, Microsoft claims that the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 application also boasts enhancements in a variety MSI Z68A-G45 (G3) THX TruStudio PRO areas such as web application performance and security. Well, the usual disclaimer about pre-release software definitely applies, even if the application comes direct from a company that is as established and reputable as Microsoft.

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Considering that Platform Previews MSI Z68A-G45 (G3) THX TruStudio PRO never meant to be serve as full-fledged web browsers, it goes without saying that this particular release, like the one before it, should not be used as one. However, if you just want to have some fun in playing around with the various new features mentioned above, the second Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 10 can be downloaded off the Internet Explorer Test Drive home page here.


It was only a few weeks ago that we reviewed the currently most powerful power supply Corsair offers, the AX, and the exceptional TX V2. Today we are going to examine and review a unit in between those two, their Professional Series HX modular power supply. It appears as if Corsair has been releasing more high-end power supplies than RAM modules during the past few months. Backwards MSI Z68A-G45 (G3) THX TruStudio PRO with ATX12V 2.

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Apparently a number of companies are interested, although this generally doesn MSI Z68A-G45 (G3) THX TruStudio PRO mean anything until a license agreement has been signed. The inevitable looks like it s about to happen, HP has started talks with various potential partners to see if anyone s interested in licensing its WebOS for handheld devices. It s a dog eat dog world in the mobile device OS MSI Z68A-G45 (G3) THX TruStudio PRO with Apple and Google dominating it at the moment. WebOS is somewhere at the bottom of the pecking order having been a proprietary solution owned by Palm before HP bought the company and although it has a lot of unique features and several benefits over its competitors, it lacks market share. Samsung is rumoured to be one of the companies interested, but considering the company is already involved in just about every single mobile OS platform, bar iOS, at least directly, this isn t entirely surprising.


The question is who else will jump on board, as HP needs all the device partners it can get to grown the ecosystem for its WebOS, especially as its lacking in developer support for apps. THX TruStudio PRO.

THX is a trade mark of a high-end audio/visual reproduction standard for movies, home theaters, computer speakers and other audio. Please download and execute the file in USB pen drive only. System will restart several times to update ME firmware after updated system BIOS.

Please DO  Missing: THX ‎TruStudio.

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