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This system is comparable to a highway at rush hour: This means that despite HiRes cameras, the data is generally not stored in high-resolution format. High-resolution video with lip synchronized sound is saved either remotely over the network or locally on flash memory devices commercial SD or CF cards, USB memory.

This makes the cameras very resistant to wear and tear, and reduces both maintenance costs and power consumption. If desired, the cameras will respond immediately with an alarm sound and will establish a direct video and audio connection to a control room. Absolute Data Security The security barriers that are built into the camera are extremely secure. MOBOTIX M24M Network Camera camera images are only accessible to authorized persons and are encrypted via SSL when they are transferred over the network.


This ensures maximum reliability and readiness for use. Subsequent Searches Events rarely confine themselves to just one spot. So even when you are looking at an enlarged detail in MOBOTIX M24M Network Camera mode, it is always the full image that is recorded. And in this full image, any section can always be enlarged later or whenever necessary. They are therefore an even greater help in analyzing a situation and easing clarification.

EN M24M: Camera Manual - MOBOTIX

They deliver meaningful, detailed images all the time because the camera software supports easy programming of independent exposure windows to cope with specific situations. This makes them ideal for rooms with large glass fronts.

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Placing the exposure window in the lower image area left image delivers less optimum results compared to moving three individual exposure windows up toward the windows right image Anti-Vandalism Dome Cameras In critical environments or for outdoor use, it is often best to choose the optional vandalism-protected MOBOTIX cameras. Their steel housing resists even the hardest attacks, and the cameras will deliver a perfect image of the attackers. Application-optimized options for installation on walls, ceilings and poles, for supplying power, or expanding the MOBOTIX M24M Network Camera of the camera are also available.

The M24M Wall MOBOTIX M24M Network Camera Ceiling Mount supplied as standard makes the camera ideally suited for outdoor use and for installation over MOBOTIX M24M Network Camera sockets so that the cabling remains perfectly concealed. VarioFlex wall mount with concealed cabling completely covers flush-mounted sockets High-Resolution Sees More And Costs Less One M24M camera equipped with a hemispheric or standard wide angle lens is usually all that is required to monitor either an entire room or the four lanes of a gas station. The high degree of image detail not only reduces the number of required cameras, but also minimizes system costs by reducing the wiring complexity, emergency power requirements and number of recording devices required.

MOBOTIX Security Network-Camera (Day Lens)

All M24M cameras feature direct recording to integrated MicroSD cards or external USB drives and can therefore be used in standalone operation with no additional network load. However, they are equally suitable for use in small commercial or private MOBOTIX M24M Network Camera thanks to their integrated event, storage, alarm and telephony functions. To protect the lens against the weather, this model comes with a longer lens cover with an integrated glass pane which includes threads for an external filter. For this reason, Vario lenses are typically used in applications where recording conditions change frequently, for example, intermittent surveillance of construction sites.

Each lens is secured by a lock ring. The ordered lens is factory-aligned and quality-tested in the camera, which makes on-site camera focusing unnecessary in most cases. Each M24M is available for delivery with a lens of your choosing or no lens at all.

The image area captured by the camera varies depending on the selected lens see MOBOTIX M24M Network Camera 1. A L Tele lens enables an M24M with a high-resolution 3. The image from the hemispheric camera can be enlarged using, for example, the mouse wheel, a joystick or a software-controlled PTZ panel and you can "move" the view to any section of the image.

MOBOTIX Mx-m24m-sec-d11 M24 Camera With 11mm Lens

This provides the features of a mechanical PTZ camera without the disadvantages of maintenance and wear. This has one serious disadvantage as the recording can only show what has happened in the "visible" portion of the image; the rest is lost and cannot be examined later on.

On door stations with several attached MxBus modules and activated MxMessageSystem, some functions such as ringing the doorbell and opening the door sometimes did not work reliably any more after updating the software to release 4. When defining more messages, the corresponding MxBus module reported an MOBOTIX M24M Network Camera and the module neither sent nor evaluated these messages.


The Mobotix M24M-SEC is an indoor or outdoor static IP camera with built-in speaker and microphone, internal recording to MicroSD card and PoE. The Mobotix M24M-SEC-D11 is an indoor or outdoor hemispheric IP camera with a built-in speaker and microphone, internal recording to MicroSD card and.

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