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In subtractive synth you would transpose first square oscillator with LP filter to get the low part of the sound, then you would use another detuned saw oscillator in combination with another LP filter for the last part of the sound and then a noise Advance Logic ALS120 FM Synthesis or more preferably ringmodulator for the inharmonic attack part of the sound. This would result in using two oscillators with two separate filters with their own envelopes. You would also have to use additional envelope with very short settings for the noise attack part, also one additional envelope for the overall amplitude of the sound.

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Quite a bit of work actually. With frequency modulation you think a bit differently. You can create all these three separate components just by modulating one carrier. So we will use one carrier and three separate modulators to create each portion of the sound in the waveform of the carrier. We could also use three separate carriers instead.

Using theory behind FM synthesis in practice

Carrier Settings So carrier F will work as our only sound source. Envelope of the carrier F will control the overall amplitude envelope of our sound. Set the envelope to be 8 bars long and adjust it like in the picture below.


Modulator E settings Now we want to create first the lower part of the sound. Instead we will introduce wanted frequencies in to the carrier waveform with FM modulation.


We want this sound to be harmonically quite rich but not to bright, something like filtered square wave. Raise the modulation amount of operator E to the point you feel that the basis for the sound is strong enough for your taste.

Unlike with regular oscillator here you can get many many flavors of different waveforms which are not really a triangle, square nor saw but can be everything in between. Try not to think about them like saw and square waves but try to evaluate the quality of the each resulting waveform while changing the modulation amount.

Manny's Modulation Manifesto: Wrapping up – Advanced Tips, Tricks & FM Quirks

We should try changing the ratio parameter of our modulator E to a lower value so it will introduce lower frequency partials or harmonics in the carrier waveform. So set the ratio value to 0. This way we will introduce more complex harmonics in our signal since now the carrier and modulator have Advance Logic ALS120 FM Synthesis frequency relationship remember that the frequency of the generated partials in the carrier depends on both carrier and modulator frequency. Now carrier to modulator ratio is 0.

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So partials generated in the carrier waveform are now more complexly related to each other because of different frequency settings of the carrier and modulator. In fact we have produced square like waveform. I will try to explain why square and not something else in the next tutorial more in Advance Logic ALS120 FM Synthesis. The frequency of the modulator is still in perfect integer relationship with the carrier so this still produces only equally spaced harmonic partials in the sound so everything is in perfect tune.

Envelope Settings Now you can alter the amplitudes of this partials by changing the modulation amount with which modulator E is modulating carrier F. With this you vary the overall complexity of the waveform we have obtained with previous step.

Now we can use the envelope to create variations in the harmonic content of the sound like we would do with filter. For this wee need to introduce some inharmonic partials in our waveform for the clang part in the beginning of the sound. In normal subtractive synth we would do this by introducing either with a filtered noise or even better using the ringmodulator. With frequency synthesis we can use noninteger values for the Advance Logic ALS120 FM Synthesis of modulator.

This will produce unevenly spaced partials in the sound which are not multpple integers of the carrier or modulator frequency and this will result in an enharmonic spectrum of the sound. This means the partials in our sound are so complexly related to each other they are still not randomly spaced like in the noise frequency spectrum that our ear cannot resolve the connection anymore so we hear this sound as non-harmonic or dissonant. Ratio Settings What value to choose for ratio value of the modulator D depends on how high we want the frequency content of this enharmonic Advance Logic ALS120 FM Synthesis in the sound to be. You would use high ratio values if you would want to produce the basis for the cymbal and bell like sounds.

I have chosen ratio of operator D to be Also I wanted this components to be as little as possible related to the fundamental pitch of the carrier. Envelope Settings We want this enharmonicaly rich component of our sound to decay quite fast so we will set the envelope of a modulator D to quite short shape.

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Saw wave in general contains both even and odd harmonics. The harmonic partials in the saw wave are spaced at equal intervals which are multiples of fundamental frequency of the sound. To obtain this with FM synthesis we have to use simplest possible ratio value for carrier and modulator so C:Advance Logic Research (ALR) ALS FM Synthesis (WDM) Free Driver Download for Advance Logic ALS120 FM Synthesis 98, 95 - . World's most popular. Avance Logic ALS FM Synthesis (WDM) Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE - . World's most popular driver download site.

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