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We are using the CPU performance numbers for our comparison. CineBench R But if you try and think about it for a minute, the benchmark does show how fast the program will either compress or decompress, while negating the impact of disk transfers.

The program can also be used to test the stability of a certain overclock speed. Since AMD A10-6700 APU Desktop Processor, the benchmark tool is used widely for evaluating performance of high-end PCs. Resident Evil 6 Capcom brings the horror back to the screens with their blockbuster Resident Evil 6 title which was well received among the community.


The game features three playable campaigns which include Leon, Chris, Jake and downloadable content for Ada Wong. Tomb Raider The Tomb Raider franchise was rebooted this year with the latest title in the long running franchise.


The players start off their journey with a younger and under-trained version of Lara who goes off on her first survival action journey. Metro Last Light Metro Last Light once again puts us in the foots of Artyom, a survivor of the nuclear holocaust that shattered Russia. Last Light is considered as the best looking game AMD A10-6700 APU Desktop Processor be released to date making use of intensive DirectX11 Tessellation, High-Res Textures, Global illumination lightning and more. Skyrim was released by Bethesda in fall The game featured one of the most largest AMD A10-6700 APU Desktop Processor ever created in an Elders Scroll game taking the RPG genre to the next level.

Power Consumption When it comes to power consumption, it should be noted that while AMD has been focusing on increasing the IPC performance of their CPU core and boosting the GPU performance, Intel has opted to improve the power efficiency of their already powerful core processors. Reducing the power is one thing but Intel also boosted some good performance with their new HD Graphics chip so AMD had to tackle them in both fronts with their older 32nm process which could only had been tweaked to gain more efficiency. Below, you AMD A10-6700 APU Desktop Processor see that AMD has higher wattage compared to Intel processors due to its 32nm design which has got older, Intel on the other hand aims for 22nm with their Haswell and Ivy Bridge processors. Kaveri APU which is planned for Q4 would be based on the 28nm architecture and is supposed to improve performance and efficiency AMD A10-6700 APU Desktop Processor all ends.

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AMD may not be the leader in x86 performance but they can definitely become one in the APU design and tech department. Its known that APUs currently power the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, they power AMD A10-6700 APU Desktop Processor low power tablets and netbooks and lastly the offer amazing value to desktop consumers with the A-series platform. Single-threaded performance was relatively pokey, which could lead to reduced responsiveness in everyday tasks and momentary hiccups while gaming.

UserBenchmark: AMD A APU ( ) vs Intel Core iK

More worryingly, the AK and AK chips consumed quite a bit more power than the competing Core i3—nearly twice as much at peak, W versus 55W. More power draw means more noise and heat, higher AMD A10-6700 APU Desktop Processor bills, and the need for larger PC enclosures. In the end, that mix of advantages and drawbacks didn't make a lot of sense to us. We just couldn't envision many home-built PCs or pre-built systems where accepting a W power envelope to get somewhat better integrated graphics was a winning combination. Just half a AMD A10-6700 APU Desktop Processor later, AMD has refined the formula for its A-series processors under the umbrella of a new code name: Has the firm made enough progress to earn an unqualified win over the Core i3?


We've done entirely too much testing in order to find out. Trinity becomes Richland Products based on Richland technology are distinct from the prior-generation Trinity parts, but not in the way you'd expect.

AMD A10-6700 APU AD6700OKA44HL Socket Fm2 Quad Core CPU 3.7ghz Processor

Richland and Trinity share the same nm silicon, with four integer cores, two floating-point units, and integrated Radeon graphics. On the desktop, they fit into the same Socket FM2-style motherboards. The differences have to do with the power management capabilities programmed into the chip's firmware. Richland adds three big things that AMD simply didn't have time to include in the first generation of products based on this chip. All of them have to do with dynamic behavior, how the APU's onboard power management microcontroller directs the CPU and graphics cores to scale their clock speeds in response to different workloads.

First, AMD has spent more time in its labs characterizing what these chips can do—what clock frequencies they can tolerate and how much voltage they need to AMD A10-6700 APU Desktop Processor there.

Thus, Richland-based products have more operating points between their base and peak Turbo Core clock speeds. Performance and price comparison graphs for AMD A APU.

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