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The configuration to get the unit connected to an ADSL line can be carried out using either the wireless or wired connections. Most importantly, in common with other wireless routers, once running you can use any combination of wireless or wired connections. A common misapprehension is that you must leave one computer connected via Ethernet, this is not necessary, though having the option is useful in case you mess up the security settings. Support for both While Dynalink ADSL RouterModemSwitch (RTA770) works out of the box, it is the least secure set-up possible, in that anyone with a Dynalink ADSL RouterModemSwitch (RTA770) and wireless network card within range of your router will be able to connect and use the Internet for free, but perhaps most importantly they would have access to the computers on your home network.

We will now cover some Dynalink ADSL RouterModemSwitch (RTA770) the security options available. Which ones will work best for you are very much down to the version of operating system and what wireless network card you are using.

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When you select the desired Security Option in the Netgears web configuration, it usefully shows the appropriate fields for you to alter. As with other passwords we recommend going for something that is a mixture of letters and digits and avoid obvious things like your houses address, family name etc.

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WPA is a bit limited in its support, since currently only Windows XP has it, and that requires updates to be downloaded from Microsoft website here. A further limiting Dynalink ADSL RouterModemSwitch (RTA770) is that not all wireless network cards support WPA yet. We have used a Netgear WAG in this review.

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To configure our WAG to work with the Netgear settings we have should have the set-up shown below on our wireless network card properties. The network key is exactly the same as what we entered in the Network key box on the routers web configuration.

Dynalink ADSL RouterModemSwitch (RTA770) If I connect one device supposing there are 2 devices connected to the router, the other one gets disconnected and vice versa. I did disable DHCP service it the router I did something earlier and got it working on all devices at the same time.

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But now something happened, and it doesn't. Also the Default Gateway is not usual. Some different number OriginalCadaver said: It will likely be something like One you have the default gateway open a browser and type the IP address in the and you should be prompted for a user name and password. Hopefully it is the default username and password, something like admin and password, but it may be different. Is the firewall better Dynalink ADSL RouterModemSwitch (RTA770) software i. Cheers bk T It's a 4-port ADSL router, very easy to configure and reliable with excellent after sales services you may not need it at all.


Have been using it for Dynalink ADSL RouterModemSwitch (RTA770) sometime and v. You will probably want a 4 port router so that you have a couple of spare ports - you never know when you might want to plug in another computer. Again, D-Link havent had the best track record. Ive had a few cheaper ones that send all traffic through the internet Why, i dont know so the Dynalink ADSL RouterModemSwitch (RTA770) between two PC's was limited to kbps.


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