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The ThinkPad X is the newest inch ultra-portable business notebook from Lenovo.

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In this review we take a look at Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint entire Xlineup including the X, Xs, and X Tablet and see how well they stack up against previous models. Windows 7 Professional 64bit Processor: Intel Core iM 2.

Intel Core iLM 2. At first glance it looks like any other T-series notebook with a boxy frame and rubberized paint but much smaller.

With the notebook open, you see that the design is as small as it can be without reducing the size of the keyboard. The X-series notebook is essentially the smallest ThinkPad that still allows Lenovo to incorporate a full-size keyboard in its design.


Build quality is great compared to many of the small netbooks and CULV notebooks that have hit the market in the past couple of years. Just like the larger T-series counterpart, the X retains the strong stainless-steel screen hinges, durable ThinkPad keyboard, strong plastic cladding, and alloy Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint.


For a inch notebook the X can easily be tossed around with Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint worry about it breaking ahead of schedule or wearing out before its useful life is up. End-user servicing is still taken into consideration with easy memory and hard drive access. The X retains the side panel to quickly swap out the hard drive and the bottom cover to upgrade the system memory. Screen and Speakers While the build quality surpasses many CULV-notebooks one area the X really falls behind is in the screen category. Compared to many of the modern Colors appeared faded and weak while black levels felt washed out. This seems to be the downside to most business notebooks.

Vertical viewing angles are average with colors starting to invert quickly when you tilt the screen 10 to 15 degrees forward or Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint. Horizontal viewing angles are better with colors staying consistent even at steep angles. The X Tablet screen is a step above the X or Xs and offers much better color saturation and contrast.

Viewing angles are also greatly improved with minimal color inversion even when tilted 45 degrees forward or back. This gave the screen an aged look and was not very pleasing to the eye. The backlight brightness of all three notebooks was plenty bright to be viewable in an office setting. If you plan on using the X outdoors, Lenovo offers a high-brightness outdoor-viewable screen on the X Tablet as an option. Keyboard and Touchpad Each of the new ThinkPad Xseries notebooks we have in for review offers the same keyboard that was previously seen on the X With that said the typing experience is everything we have come to expect from the trusted Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint brand.

The typing surface has excellent support with barely any flex under moderate pressure. The Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint feel from each key is great with soft clicks emitting very little noise when fully pressed.

Download Lenovo ThinkPad X TrackPoint Driver for Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit

If you plan on spending hours sitting in front of your computer typing the ThinkPad keyboard is hard to beat. The X-series has always had Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint limitation of being TrackPoint onlywhich is a huge turnoff for some users.


With the majority of buyers preferring the touchpad interface it was a no-brainer to see Lenovo adding it to the X to help increase sales. The small touchpad is odd Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint see at first it is about half the height of a normal touchpadbut you get used to it really quick. During the review process I favored the touchpad over the TrackPoint and had no trouble using it with common multitouch gestures.

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Review

The touchpad had an excellent response time with no noticeable lag and each axis offered the same acceleration rate to prevent unwanted ovals. I was really hoping to see some form of digital video out but Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint this is a business-oriented model most business users still demand VGA-out for legacy projectors. Performance and Benchmarks I have to admit that when I first heard Lenovo was sticking a Core i7 processor in the X I had the mental image of a inch gaming or workstation-class notebook. That was not the case as Lenovo ThinkPad X201s TrackPoint Core iLM processor included in our Xs and X Tablet are dual-core processors designed with power efficiency in mind and not breakneck performance. It also turns out that the low-voltage Core i7 processors are slower than the Core i5 processor we testedmaking things even more confusing for the average consumer who might be purchasing a notebook on model numbers alone.

Compared to the Intel Pequipped X we reviewed more than a year ago, every X we reviewed offered a substantial boost in speed, including the Xs with the new Core iLM. Multimedia enthusiasts will enjoy streaming P Flash video through YouTube or decoding downloaded P movies with barely making the notebook break a sweat. If you find yourself wanting more power than the standard run-of-the-mill netbook or CULV notebook can provide, one of the inch X ThinkPads might be the best alternative.

PCMark05 measures overall system performance higher scores mean better performance: HDTune storage drive performance test: Under a light load the keyboard and palmrest stayed a few degrees above room temperature. The cooling fan was audible in a quiet room but only when the system was being stressed.

Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Cap T T X X W T60 T61 X60 X61 T41 T We ship worldwide. Brand new product with high quality. Original.

TrackPoint driver for Windows 7 (bit), Vista (bit) - ThinkPad R60e, R61e, R61i , X60, X60s, X61, X61s, X61 Tablet, X, Xs, X Tablet, X

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