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Use a grounding wrist strap and place all electronic components in any staticshielded devices. Most Axiomtec AX8905 components are sensitive to static electrical charge.

Be sure both the system and external devices are turned OFF. Make sure it is the correct voltage of the power source before connecting the equipment to the power outlet. The brightness of Axiomtec AX8905 flat panel display will be getting weaker as a Axiomtec AX8905 of frequent usage. However, the operating period varies depending on the application environment.

Web-enabled system health monitoring module

Turn OFF the system power before cleaning. Clean the system using a cloth only.

Axiomtec AX8905 Do not spray any liquid cleaner directly onto the screen. Although the touchscreen is chemical resistant, it is recommended Axiomtec AX8905 you spray the liquid cleaner on a cloth first before wiping the screen. In case your system comes without the touchscreen, you must follow the same procedure and not spray any cleaner on the flat panel directly.


Avoid using sharp objects to operate the touchscreen. Scratches on the touchscreen may cause malfunction or internal failure to the touchscreen. The flat panel display is not susceptible to shock or vibration. It may damage Axiomtec AX8905 equipment. External equipment intended for connection to signal If opening the cover for maintenance is a must, only a trained technician is allowed to do so. Integrated circuits on computer boards are sensitive to static electricity. To avoid damaging chips from electrostatic discharge, observe the following precautions: This will help to discharge any static electricity on your body. Classification 1. Degree of production against electric shock: IPX1 Equipment not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide.

Axiomtec AX8905 of operation: Continuous Type of protection against electric shock: Class I equipment v General Cleaning Tips You may need the following precautions before you begin to clean the computer. When you clean any single part or component for the computer, please read and understand the details below fully.

Atheros sample driver disk1 download

When you need to clean the device, please rub it with a piece of dry cloth. Be cautious of the tiny removable components when you use a vacuum cleaner Axiomtec AX8905 absorb the dirt on the floor.

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Asrock A780 Full HD Realtek HD Audio

Turn the system off before you start to clean up the component or computer. Never drop the components inside the computer or get circuit board damp or wet. Be cautious of all Axiomtec AX8905 of cleaning solvents or chemicals when you use it for the sake of cleaning. Some individuals may be allergic to the ingredients. Try not to put any food, drink or cigarette around the computer.

User`s manual

Cleaning Tools: Although many companies have created products to help improve the process of cleaning your computer and peripherals users can also use household items to clean their computers and peripherals. Below is a listing of items you may Axiomtec AX8905 or want to use while cleaning your computer or computer peripherals.


Keep in mind that some components in your computer may only be able to be cleaned using a product designed for Axiomtec AX8905 that component, if this is the case it will be mentioned in the cleaning. A piece of cloth is the best tool to use when rubbing up a component. Although paper towels or tissues can be used on most hardware as well, we still recommend you to rub it with a piece of cloth. Homepage- AXIOMTEK, Your Best Partner of Providing Applied Computing Platforms (Industrial PC. eService Home I AXIOMTEK. Homepage- AXIOMTEK, Your Best Partner of Providing Applied Computing Platforms AX Axiom Monitor Drvier, AX Axiom Monitor Drvier Su.


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