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I find calls Asus U36SG Keyboard Filter the systematic removal of this option to be troubling, especially when they are aimed at young people. So, as a consumer, value being given limited choices when it makes sense for you but please don't lobby for it to be more universal!

IMHO there is a difference between choice and the chaos you have with most vendors. I appreciate that there are different variants of Thinkpads, but why are they so cryptically? A customization based system would be better IMHO. Ideally just a bunch of sliders. Some options really are unnecessary. Makes the design step more difficult because you shouldn't have crazy intransparent dependencies between upgradesbut is Asus U36SG Keyboard Filter user friendly. Give 2 or 3 preset options for users that don't want to fiddle. This is something a dealer might be able to implement on top of the existing offerings, but I haven't seen it yet.

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Screenfulls of base models, then another page of dropdowns. No way to tell what specific options each of the base models offers or doesn't offer. What advantage do we have with this whole confusion of product lines with meaningless names? In many cases they could be replaced by a couple of lines with optionals for customization and that's it. Asus U36SG Keyboard Filter


My Mac Air is a custom build - but getting to it was a conceptually simple process. Low-end Air or high-end Air? Want to customize that?

ALL - Hit items ranking. These are the most popular items on ALL now.

If you had to choose between those fourteen things up front it'd be a lot more conceptually complicated. We use thinkpads at work.

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My Ts has bad Asus U36SG Keyboard Filter bleed at the bottom, the trackpad is a major regression from my T, and it was chock-full of crapware before I nuked it and reinstalled windows. Apple isn't perfect, but the sort of annual model lottery that is notable when it happens in the Apple world is par-for-course in the PC world.


This is one of the reasons why I never bought a Lenovo because I am not sure which one to buy. Too many choices. They did the great job in confusing the heck out of me. You make a very good point for the average Joe. As a long-time Asus U36SG Keyboard Filter owner, there are really only two answers for most tech-savvy users Asus U36SG Keyboard Filter typical needs media, browsing, travel, and maybe programming: The X series and the T4XXs models. After a very long deliberation few years: I went with T non-retina this summer and I am very happy.

I chose it over T due to slightly lower dpi I have a a 15 inch Dell at work with T's resolution and everything is unpleasantly small, on T it's fine.

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I took SSD, 16gb ram, no DVD, 2 cores quad core was very expensive and 2 batteries which makes it very light, yet with proper screen size; very fast and the battery lifetime is amazing h Only thing I Asus U36SG Keyboard Filter like is touchpad, but I usually disable it and use track point. I preferred touchpad in my old asus laptop which was lower than keyboard level hence one would rarely click it by accident. I chose T over T since in.

The DPI is really a software problem. More DPI should only be better except for battery use. They are so bad that it is almost impossible to be nearly as productive as with a mouse. On the other hand, Asus U36SG Keyboard Filter really got the clickpad right. T has dpi, T has dpi. It is small but noticeable difference.

It is a software problem that for pragmatic reasons I don't want to get into. Good luck setting non-integer scaling on current operating systems like 1.

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It's either not supported, or the effect is blurry. It's a different story for retina screens, you set scaling to 2. But I was talking about non-retina. I am surprsied reading those comments. A touchpad on my x Asus U36SG Keyboard Filter fantastic and very customizable. Download Asus U36SG Notebook Keyboard Filter Utility (Keyboard & Mouse). Asus Zenbook UX21E Keyboard Device Filter Utility 1, downloads Asus U36SG Notebook Keyboard Filter Utility downloads.


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