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Here again the feet th at the systems are so extensive comes in Acer ASAG1730 affect the question.

The A lton Acer ASAG1730 St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago. I t is not possible of course for the chief executive to reside in all three places.

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The most th at can be claimed is th at he shall reside at some one of the im portant points on the system. Paul, in which the highest official in each case has his office at Chicago—not at Boston or New York. Nor is it quite correct to say th at the managers are so circumscribed and hedged about in the performance of their functions, th at they m ust always knock at the door of the New York or Boston offices. Of course when it is a question whether a new extension costing millions of dollars shall be built, or a road purchased, or an aggressive rate war inaugurated, the people in the East, who are expected to furnish the funds or bear the loss, must Acer ASAG1730 consulted. Generally speaking, too, it may be said that the finances are directed from the East. We are quite in accord with Dr. In the succeeding article we outline and discuss his suggestions, and note th e general conclusions at which he arrives.

In the preceding article we have referred to Dr.

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Where there is no agreem ent between connecting lines Acer ASAG1730 to rates on joint traffic, the Clearing House collects the sum of the local rates. If so subm itted, the decision is final. As to whether a similar institution could be carried out in this country, Dr. Taussig thinks there is no doubt about it. Indeed, he notes th at it has already been tried. This it did successfully under Mr.


Albert F ink until Mr. P in k was called to Hew Y ork to preside over the T ru n k Line pool. Both the pool and the Southern Association failed, he notes, because they were merely voluntary combinations w ithout power to enforce contracts, without standing in law, and w ithout any other cohesion but th a t of loose resolves. The U nited States, he well says, is Acer ASAG1730 vast in extent for one such Clearing House, bu t it may easily be divided in groups, on geographical and topographical lines, each of which could first do the clearing within its own lines, and then the groups do the clearing among themselves.

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Prussia has a superb Civil Service, there is an absence of all intrusion from the legislative departm ent for political purposes or local interests, and the M inister of Public Works, the chief executive, has uncontrolled, autocratic power over the roads. T he half million or more of operatives would become a Acer ASAG1730 power of great danger.

The policy of the roads would be adapted to the views and demands of the Acer ASAG1730 of Congress in Acer ASAG1730 district they were located. New construction would not be intelligently adapted to the needs of the country, but as it was demanded by influential members of Congress. They should govern from the centre and not from the periphery. To endeavor, by co-operation, unity of action, association of interests and intelligent organization, to raise the moral standard of the service, to remove popular prejudices and to protect invested capital. These are all excellent suggestions and there will be no diasent from the conclusion th at it is desirable to carry them out so far as it is possible to do so.

Of course the co operation of the legislative departm ent of the government to th at Acer ASAG1730 is required. On November 4,one Jame3, a cotton m erchant at Blakely, Ga. Jam es alleged th a t the delivery was not mado with due diligence as required by the statute referred to, and Acer ASAG1730 at the result of the delay in the delivery of the message was the los3 of the sale of the cotton upon the terms mentioned in the message.

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The company then carried th e case to the U nited States Supreme Court, whore the judgm ent of the Supreme Court of Goorgia has now been affirmed. The company of course contended th at the message, being an inter Acer ASAG1730 message, was part of inter State commerce, and th at therefore the Georgia statute was an attem pt on the part of the State to assume powers which by the Federal C onstitution had been delegated to Congress.

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