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Support For GT72 Dominator Pro G (GTX M) Laptops - The best gaming laptop provider MSI USA

Sleek and understated for a gaming laptop. Nature of the big beast-- it's heavy and large compared to standard laptops. Trackpad could be better. Reviewed August 20, updated Oct. It runs Windows 10 out of the box- you don't have to upgrade it. It has a lovely It has 16 gigs of RAM in 4 slots 32 gigs max unless you go with 16 gig modules4 M. It's well worth a look if you want cutting edge MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G in a cool and quiet laptop that doesn't throttle.

It looks a bit more like a traditional laptop rather than an overstated gaming rig good for work, not as much fun at MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G parties. They have achieved a design uniformity: The sleeker GT72 is a great esthetic improvement over the older GT70 line, and its 1. That means the laptop is nearly silent when doing productivity tasks, streaming p video and working with pro apps like Adobe Photoshop and even Premiere Pro. When gaming the fans are audible, but they aren't what I'd call loud. The keyboard never rises above human body temperature and the bottom remains cool enough for use on the lap though at 8.

The MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G is black brushed aluminum and it attracts fingerprints aplenty. The rest of the casing is durable black plastic. The keyboard deck's front edge is rounded so it doesn't dig into the wrist or hands, but it lacks Alienware's and Asus ROG's elegant soft touch finish. The bottom panel is removable and grants access to a plethora of upgradable internals: MSI continues to use thin lids, so there's some flex if you bend the panel intentionally- why would you do that, though? The hinges are adequate but not MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G bounce-resistant as Alienware's super-stiff display mounts.

You can customize the colors or turn off backlighting when you want to be subtle at work. The keyboard deck has 4 quick access buttons, one of which cycles through the 4 LED lighting presets, another that sets the fans to max I can't imagine needing to do soa button for switching between integrated and dedicated graphics and a program launcher. MSI gaming laptops have excellent speaker systems that are louder and fuller than other gaming laptops. I have no qualms with the switch though some users prefer the old solution. The machine has four 3.


Ports abound on this big machine: Synaptics makes excellent trackpads, but somehow MSI has found a way to make it less than perfect. Perhaps we'll get a firmware or BIOS update to improve this: The trackpad is delineated by an LED outline, but there's no physical separator it's one with the deck. That means your finger can wander off the trackpad, but it's large enough that this MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G happen often. The trackpad has two buttons plusbut they're much too stiff minus.

The SteelSeries Chiclet keyboard is excellent. I confess to slightly prefer the Alienware keyboard, MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G the MSI has deep key travel, is uniform in required pressure and as promised it doesn't ghost in games. The keys are a bit small for a 17" laptop and the number pad is crammed close, but overall this is a keyboard that's a pleasure to type on at length and it works perfectly in games. Display and G-Sync Good times, we have a Color tuning out of the box on the default sRGB mode was quite good and was suitable for professional graphics work and photo editing. It's also very bright at nits and since it's a matte display it seems even brighter because it doesn't have to fight glare. This is a non-touch display with a resolution of x Black levels are average at 0. It keeps the video card and display refresh rates in sync to reduce screen tearing MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G make gaming graphics look smoother overall.


It's very effective and a better solution than Vsync that artificially caps games at 60 HZ since that's a common display refresh rate. It's effective, and even when playing at lower frame rates MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G are playable thanks to the smoothness and proper syncing of screen with the game. Horsepower, Performance and Temperatures It's chillin' here: MSI has been making gaming motherboards, graphics cards, laptops and desktops for some time, and their expertise with cooling is impressive.


With the much roomier and thicker 17" chassis on the GT72 Dominator line, MSI has room for larger fans that are both effective and quieter. There's also plenty of room for heat MSI GT72 DOMINATOR PRO G and pipes, so this machine runs impressively quiet and cool despite being one of the most powerful laptops on the market. You won't need to crank up the volume from the excellent Dynaudio 2. That's well below the thermal ceiling and we saw no thermal throttling even after an hour of gaming. Though the machine is quiet and relatively cool, I do suggest using a passive laptop cooler that keeps the bottom air intakes clear--it reduces CPU and GPU temps up to 10 C.


To complete the Processor Microcode update, please follow the SOP below to perform BIOS update twice with UEFI BIOS Utility. If notebook can't boot in system. GT Series Laptops GT72 2QE Dominator Pro G. menu. GALLERY D4 rev Note. For GT72 models with the 5th Generation Intel ® Core i7 Processor.

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