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The laptop itself is packed in a black soft fabric sleeve, and the system comes with a W power adapter and drivers on DVD and documentation. Once removed from the sleeve, it only takes a quick glance at this laptop to show that build quality and appearance is important to MSI.

The black brushed aluminum lid hosts the MSI logo near the to and lit red dragon logo proudly displayed on the center face, MSI GT72 2PC Dominator Realtek Card Reader some red trim along the top edge of the lid. Once you open the lid, you are presented with an island style multi-backlit keyboard with numberpad, made by Steelseries. A single one-piece black metal aluminum or magnesium plate comprises the entire top surface of the laptop, with no separate keyboard plate. The Synaptics touchpad is integral with the metal plate surface with no physical feature separation, only identified by a backlit perimeter line.

Two separate hefty mouse buttons offer a lightly audible but discernable click, requiring a slight pressure to engage.

In general the touchpad was not problematic and didn't pick up any erratic pressure from resting the palms on the palm rest. A wide swatch of perforated holes rest on the laptop top plate just above the keyboard with a red background to allow for the dynaudio speaker sound to pour through.

MSI GT72 2PC Notebook Windows 7, Windows Drivers, Applications, Manuals Notebook Drivers

A chrome power button and four additional black buttons rest on the left side of the keyboard. The additional buttons are for manual GPU switching between dedicated in this case, m and the Intel integrated GPU, max fan speed button, programmable application launch button defaults to a streaming appand keyboard color profile cycle switch of which 4 are programmable. The 17" p LCD has a matte black plastic frame around it with a thin glossy bezel on the outside MSI GT72 2PC Dominator Realtek Card Reader that, with the chrome MSI logo placed underneath the screen, and a p webcam rests above. There is an optical drive that comes standard with the laptop which could be swapped out with a SATA drive bay adapter.


Ports A plethora of ports are around the perimeter of the laptop, including in total 6 USB 3. On the left side are four USB 3.

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On the right side are two USB 3. The rear houses two mini display ports, ethernet jack, and power plug. The front has two thin red style lights, with the left one doubling as status lights for power, battery, and hard drive. Inside the Laptop The bottom of the laptop is one large removable plasic panel with seven philips head screws, with a "warranty void" sticker over the center one. About a third of the MSI GT72 2PC Dominator Realtek Card Reader of the bottom panel is a grid pattern with open holes with a red metal mesh underneath to ensure adequate ventillation. After opening the bottom panel most of the components that make this laptop tick are exposed.

Two heatpipes off the GPU and one off the CPU are cooled by the fan on left when looking at it with the fans furthest from youand two pipes off the CPU go to the fan on the right.

MSI GT72 2PC Windows 8.1 64bit drivers

Removal and reinstallation of the heatpipe assembly is a bit tricky considering the fins on the heatpipe at the back that the fan goes over are tucked underneath the frame. Some shifting and shimmying and it can slide in and out with a bit of due care. The battery is not quick release or exposed to the exterior like with traditional laptops. It is embedded under the bottom panel and under the inner frame, so a battery swap is not straight MSI GT72 2PC Dominator Realtek Card Reader, and requires copious disassembly.

There are two 2. The SATA connector is not a direct connect to the drive, but through a ribbon cable that goes to the mainboard.


I'm not quite sure why MSI couldn't have added an additional ribbon cable and port on the motherboard, since there is ample room for a second 2. MSI also makes use of the M. How this relates to drive performance when two drives are utilized remains to be seen since this system was only equipped with a single GB SSD for the boot drive, and MSI GT72 2PC Dominator Realtek Card Reader 1TB 2. Meaker clarified the reason for the empty bay: MSI could not without adding in a controller.


The 4 gen III slots go the M. This would explain why there is no drive available in the open bay, except for the most base model. It just seems odd that they would have used 2x adapters in the spare bay, and 2x adapters in the other connection for easier access.

But then again, it's still six drives available total. WIN7 Default AHCI Mode.\nIf your system BIOS version is EIMS ~ EIMS, please must update BIOS to EIMSV before you update to theĀ  Missing: GT MSI GT72 2PC Dominator BIOS F for Windows bit, MSI GT72 2PC MSI GT72 2PC Dominator Realtek Card Reader Driver.

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