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And of course they mean "first for us" wireless AV receiver. But that's still news worthy of reporting as Integra is one of the premiere custom installer brands and an arm Integra DTR-30.4 AV Receiver Onkyo—long known for their feature-rich consumer offerings. It is rated down to 6 ohms, features discrete outputs stages for all channels, and a push-pull amplifier design. The front and center channels have three-stage inverted Darlington circuitry and the receiver has two independent power supplies.


It weighs in at a respectable The back of the Integra DTR There are six HDMI inputs and two outputs, two component video inputs and one output, and a number of composite inputs five if you count the front and one output. There are six pairs of analogue stereo inputs, one optical and two coaxial digital audio inputs, and a two-way RS port important Integra DTR-30.4 AV Receiver custom installations.


Integra and Marvell have long has a relationship and the DTR Featuring Qdeo upconversion, the DTR Dolby Pro Logic IIz is supported for height channels which can be powered internally through or externally through pre-outs. Pre-outs are available for all 7.

There is a front USB port for connecting your portable device, smartphone, or flash drive. Of course, the DTR Sporting two antennas, it is not Integra DTR-30.4 AV Receiver wi-fi compatible but Bluetooth which means it can connect to your friend's phone without you having to give out your wi-fi password or give them full access to the receiver. For those that prefer the speed of a wired connection and have access to onean Ethernet port is included.


Sound quality is important, though, as the DTR For vinyl lovers, the DTR Pre-outs are also available for Zone 2. It is not only Wi-Fi compatible, but Bluetooth is supported. With pre-outs for Zone 2, height Integra DTR-30.4 AV Receiver, and adding external amplification, this is a receiver that should be right at home in most installations. Marvell Qdeo upconversion and scaling to 4K, MHL, InstaPreview, and more should appeal to those that care more about features than power.

But, of course, the Integra DTR With 95 watts per channel, a two-way RS port, legacy video connections, and three 12 volt triggers, installers are going to love this receiver. For more information, please visit www.

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Cos posts on June 09, Integra DTR-30.4 AV Receiver 2 The Sound! Hooked up to my existing setup: Replaced my DHC The Pink Floyd was a live CD and even with Audyssey off you had the sense that you were still in the middle of a concert when I was playing multichannel Stereo. I will say again that the DHC seemed to squeeze out a little more detailed bass response, but the overall soundstage was pretty similar.

Integra DTR-30.5 AV Receiver Preview

I definitely felt that it did exactly as stated as there was a noticeable albeit minimal sound quality difference in the detail. Audyssey ON I will state again, that without being able to do a blind test my feedback is perceived, but I firmly believe Integra DTR-30.4 AV Receiver there is a noticeable difference in sound quality with XT32 vs. The overall surround effect under the DHC Sound appeared to be similar, but again I felt that bass response and midrange clarity was better when hooked up to my Halo amps. I was surprised how well it compared to my Items that brought down its score in my mind were a poorly implemented remote, would have liked to see at least Audyssey XT.

I do feel that it delivers solidly on sound quality and the advantage of having built it Wi-Fi makes it for much easier room placement in my bedroom and for this job it does a great job. This is currently used for two channel listening in my bedroom with a pair of Golden Ear Aon 2s, but after going through all these tests, I definitely feel that this AVR will stay with me for the long haul and handle 5. They do a great job with bass, but will struggle a little on the lowest frequencies. I will be adding a sub in the near future, but overall I see why people rave about the ribbon tweeters. Cos posts on June 05, Part 1 Setup and Video Build Quality:With the absolute latest in A/V processing and content convergence, the THX-certified DTR elevates you to an exhilarating new level of home entertainment.

With the absolute latest in A/V processing and content convergence, the THX -certified DTR elevates you to an exhilarating new level of home.

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