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Select the item type: Data in Brief in the drop-down menu. Non-Addressed Mode W hen there's only one pod connected, no address select comm and is needed. You can merely Acces 104-IIRO-8 comm ands listed in the following table.

ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Terminology used is as follows: The single lower case letter 'x' designates any valid hex digit 0-F. Acces 104-IIRO-8 sing le low er case lette r 'b' designa tes eithe r a '1' or '0'.

W herever xx is used to designate a bit number, only are valid. Acces 104-IIRO-8 comm ands are case insensitive; i. Read a single digital bit.

Please note that all Acces 104-IIRO-8 ands have an acknowledgment response. You m ust w ait for a resp ons e from a com m and befo re an othe r com m and is sen t.

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Acces 104-IIRO-8 All byte or word wide responses are sent m ost-s ignificant nibb le first. Exam ples: Re ad A LL 8 bits.

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Re ad o nly bit 2 SEND: Any attempt to write to a bit Acces 104-IIRO-8 as input will fa il. Sin gle bit comm ands will return an error 4 if an attempt is made to write to a bit con figure d as input. W riting a one to a port asserts the pull-down. W riting a zero de-asserts the pull-down.

If the factory installed pull-up has been removed, the user supplied pull-up will be asserted. W rite a zero to bit 2 SEND: The pod can set a change-of-s tate flag for any input Acces 104-IIRO-8 at has been configured to do so.

This comm and will read then reset that bit. Therefore, this comm and will always return "N[CR]" unless the T c om m and has first been u sed to enable cha nge -of-s tate detec t for an Acces 104-IIRO-8 given b it. A built-in watchdog timer resets the pod if the microcontroller hangs up. Data collected by the unit can be stored in local RAM and accessed later through the computer's serial port. Text programming Acces 104-IIRO-8 you to write applications in any high-level language that supports ASCII string functions. The circuit isolation makes the module ideal for use in control and instrumentation applications where high-voltage protection is required.

Acces USB-IIRO-8 OEM-S02 USB Isolated Input Relay Output Digital I/O Mod EE3 E - allthingssurplus

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Acces 104-IIRO-8 IIRO-8 is a low-cost card that provides isolated input and output for PC/ Bus computer applications. The card has eight optically-isolated digital. Manual IIRO-8(E). 2.

Notice. The information in this document is provided for reference only. ACCES does not assume any liability arising out.

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