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A few examples of how to use this option: It really shouldn't be used except in dire circumstances, and if that happens, I'm probably going to be telling you what to set this to anyway: Of course, if the proper setting was 0, then that's what it would be after the reset, but if the proper setting is actually Now, since we can't detect this at all, I've added this option to force the setting. Adaptec AIC-785x PCI SCSI Controller you have a BIOS on your controller then you should never need to use this option.

Linux HOWTOs: Controllers (SCSI)

However, if you are having lots of SCSI reset problems and can't seem to get them knocked out, this may help. Make a boot floppy that you can use to boot your computer up and that will detect the aic7xxx controller. Next, power down your computer. Next, boot up the floppy you made and wait for it Adaptec AIC-785x PCI SCSI Controller detect the aic7xxx controller. If the kernel finds the controller fine, says scsi: If this happens, then you next need to figure out what your settings should be.


Record the initial DEVCONFIG values for each of your aic7xxx controllers as they are listed, and also record what the machine is detecting as the proper termination on your controllers. Adaptec AIC-785x PCI SCSI Controller above option and this option both work on the order of the SCSI controllers as they are registered, so make sure you match the right DEVCONFIG values with the right controllers if you have more than one aic7xxx controller. Hopefully, that part is correct, but it could possibly be wrong if there is bogus cable detection logic on your controller or something similar.

If it's an odd number, then the correct setting for that controller is 1. For any other controllers that didn't have an infinite reset problem, then reverse the above options.

Linux Kernel Documentation :: scsi :

Bit 0 is for the first aic7xxx controller, bit 1 for the next, etc. Put all these bits together and you get a number. For example, if the third aic7xxx needed a 1, but the second and first both needed a 0, then the bits would be in binary.

This then translates to 0x This is fairly standard binary to hexadecimal conversions here. As of driver version 5.


Probing on those machines will often result in the machine crashing or spontaneously rebooting during startup. Examples of machines that need this are the Dell PowerEdge machines. The original SCSI spec says that this "should be" ms.

This is generally not required with modern devices. Most modern devices can run fine with only 64ms. InstallScanDownload.

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Is this your Device Manager? Fix your drivers in 3 steps 1. Download and Install the application. Start scanning.

Adaptec AIC-785x PCI SCSI Controller

You have just bought a new computer or someone gives you a laptop as a gift? Internal spacing offers 4 slots for 3. Download the latest drivers for your Adaptec AICx PCI SCSI Controller to keep your Computer up-to-date. Here is a step by step manual guide for Adaptec AICx Adaptec AIC-785x PCI SCSI Controller SCSI Controller software installation process on Windows XP. 1 Download SCSIzip file for.

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