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And the readme file does not list the model in its readme file, so I can't explain it except as a Toshiba error. Except in the case that one of these models is a name that is different from the modeland if that's the case The worst thing is that neither the other files V1. I need an original v1. But they Toshiba Satellite A350 SPS no guarantees of their possibilities because is a model "too old" and "abandoned" and "unsupported" In other words, they said 'you don't have to bother with it, just go and buy a new' something of quite out of my reach in this time of crisis: P Thanks for reading so far.


Now, what I need is to get ideas on a work around for this, my ideas are: If so, the CMOS of compensation could solve problem. But I wasn't Toshiba Satellite A350 SPS to find a clear cmos from the outside button, and after disasembling I took battery, with no good result. I try to leave the MOBO without battery for a period more long I left it about 20 seconds just in case where 20 seconds are not all capacitors for well pass zero values. I don't have a lot of hope in this point. I contacted technical support several times, and I was able to verify that they are only - phone operators, with a script in front of them, and when the problem is going - out of reach, they fall in the same response: I still have a faint hope to find someone who really knows a little and could illuminate with a good BIOS in this disc.

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It seems that it has been developed by Toshiba own brandso the Phoenix crisis recovery disk won't be of any help here. But I'm open to all ideas, which could be put to the test more or less safely.


Forgive me, but I wanted to be really clear. Someone give some tips or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Toshiba Satellite AD driver download for Windows 7 bit ::

Please don't say that I shouldn't be doing I already know that. I already did some research and found my mistakes, not to repeat them. Now, I need to spend, to move and to try to Toshiba Satellite A350 SPS this problem, or at least learn to solve similar things.

As much as possible. Thank you once again, in advance, and sorry again.

Satellite AD - Toshiba

FenixDigital Toshiba Satellite A350 SPS edited by: He tooked a lot of time to read your post Maybe I can help you. The Bios in the website is the right one. If you have downloaded the right version of the Bios. Toshiba America, which has most of the time the Askiris you used isn't accurate models for Toshiba Europe. This should be the reason, why does not the readme file contain the European model. I'll try to do an update of the fresh Bios using the update of the traditional Bios. Copy the files on the disk, put it in the floppy drive, press and hold power on the notebook tab. After that the laptop is off, press on and hold the key on the left side of space power on the laptop new bar and wait until it turns off again.

If your laptop does not power perhaps the most, the RAM is default? Therefore, if the use of the traditional Toshiba Satellite A350 SPS or change memory doesn't help, and your laptop is still dead you should go to a SPA, but it will cost money. I now have my fourth Toshiba laptop and I had never problems with the Bios updates.

This is NOT acceptable! After 10 seconds or if the laptop froze just straight up. Stayed that way for 3 minutes or more. Cranking up again gave me nothing but black screen.


I tried various recovery options, for the most part Phoenix crisis disk Build. But unfortunately no luck.

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Calling customer service of Toshiba Netherlands is not really useful at all. Tell me a bios update is not a smart thing to do. Of course I wouldn't do this if I don't want my laptop is still more damaged. It Toshiba Satellite A350 SPS cost me my own tithe that my laptop is no longer guaranteed.

I'm very angry at Toshiba to put such a method of updating the dangerous bios on their website. I am an advanced user and rarely have questions, that I can't fix on my own. If Toshiba or anyone who believes that it was my mistake, by all means try it yourself.

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Satellite AS. Part number: PSAL6EEN. Satellite AS. Windows Vista® Home Premium bit Edition (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery).

Find out more on Toshiba Satellite A (PSAL6AB) specifications on PC g: SPS.

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