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Additional Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 models are available. The Major functions are available through a single button. Most secondary functions that may not be used as frequently require only a few keystrokes.

Considerations When Specifying a DC Power Supply Article - Testforce

System maintenance and setup functions are menu driven via a LCD display. This eliminates the chance of condensation resulting from continued water flow during emergency shutdown. AMREL s unique design decreases the possibility of a single failed mosfet causing additional failures. With some standard electronic load designs, the failure of a single FET may damage its parallel FETs or Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 trigger a catastrophic failure.

Air-Cooled DC Programmable Electronic Load kW Amrel PLA loads current power

This may leave the unit beyond repair. Traditional modular loads require at least 3U 5. Why spend your rack space and budget when you don t need to? With the industry s widest model selection, the LPL Series ranges from W to W without the added cost of a mainframe Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 sacrificing valuable rack space.

Considerations When Specifying a DC Power Supply Article - Testforce - PDF Free Download

For an economical solution with all the necessary ATE capabilities in Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 ultracompact package, the LPL eload is your clear choice! Markets and Applications: Ultralow Voltage Operation Reliable: Flexible Test Platform: Five Modes of Operation: C Operand for Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 Testing. Ideal for Unique Test Applications: Traditional dc Electronic Load Solutions are bulky and large in size. Most are offered with standard voltage, current and power ratings.

For instance: When combined with appropriate switches, the system could provide charge and discharge multi- quadrant operation 18 3. Careful consideration must be given to sizing the equipment appropriately for the Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 and type of test to be conducted.


A detailed understanding of the DUT electrical characteristics is important in determining the limitations or test envelope that can be achieved. Its products Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 services are recognized around the world for robust performance, high quality, reliability and economic value. Visit the website at www.


Depending on the application, number of LEDs and their configuration in series and parallel strings, the number of designs required is exploding. Being Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 to rapidly test these power supplies with a flexible, programmable load that simulates the particular LED configuration is of increasing importance. This is especially the case if the driver design precedes the availability of the actual Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 assembly in design. Being able to simulate anomalous operation such as a shorted or open diode in a series string, parallel string or matrix connection can save time and money in the qualification of the power supply. For the V on UVL feature, there are two modes that can be set. The constant resistance control mode is then used to set the nominal operating point.

In addition, the note briefly Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 the use of multiple loads to simulate more complex parallel string and matrix configurations. The test setup and results are presented along with a brief discussion of some of the considerations when specifying equipment for testing.

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Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 Requirement The application statement is simply to simulate a simple series string connection of HBLEDs with a forward voltage threshold of 40 volts DC and specified operating voltage and current of Article Refer to the VI chart below. The two curves illustrate an idealized diode string Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 1 and a constant resistance profile 2. To establish the operating point, the constant resistance control mode will be used with the resistance value set to be that where the DUT specified operating voltage and current intersect A.

The supply will be set to operate in constant current mode at 3A. The V on function is set to trigger at 40V.

To simulate shorted or open circuit diodes or strings, the individual eLOADs can be set to toggle between various resistance values to provide the desired anomalous conditions to observe the operation of the driver under test. Careful consideration should be given to sizing the equipment appropriately for the DUT and type of test to be conducted. Background As energy is transferred from the power supply to the load by means of load leads, a voltage drop across the load leads occurs and may significantly interfere with load Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300. Remote sensing is a Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300 of compensating for this load lead effect on the output of the power supply.

Simple Operation The RS Series can be operated completely from its menu driven front panel controller. AMREL's eLoad programmable electronic load design isolates failures so other components will not be affected or stressed, increasing the system's level Amrel Systems PLA1.5K-120-300. AMREL's PLA Series of “Air-cooled” dc Electronic eLoads offers the or stressed, increasing the system's level of protection PLAK KW.

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