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To a fair extent that is true, but there are certainly exceptions. Some very expensive mainboards Amptron DMIVIEW10 notorious poor performers bought an ASUS lately?


But these are exceptions. On the whole, the quality of a mainboard depends on the amount of care that has gone into making it, and on Amptron DMIVIEW10 quality of the components. Both of these cost money, and to get a decent board you need to be prepared Amptron DMIVIEW10 pay a little more than the lowest possible price.

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But don't be too quick to pay too much more! Quite often the most expensive boards are no better than the honest Amptron DMIVIEW10 of the road ones, just priced higher.

Sometimes they have extra features or better quality to justify Amptron DMIVIEW10 price, sometimes they don't. This section, however, is not about the normal variation in quality and reliability between typical motherboards.

It is about plain old-fashioned greed, and the cheap, shonky boards that sometimes result Amptron DMIVIEW10 it. Here then, is a short gallery of the cheap, the nasty, and the outright fraudulent. PC Chips fake cache Let's begin with the most famous of them all: Take a careful look at it.

You can date the board quite easily: Middle period then. Now look at the RAM slots: That tells you that it is from the transitional phase when pin RAM was on the way out and pin RAM on the way in. That puts it in the to period. Memory can only go so far, but if it is to be trusted these were around in mid And they were everywhere! They were Amptron DMIVIEW10 the single most common board you could buy for a little while. What made them so successful? One thing, and one thing only: And most of the shops that were selling these were not paying sales tax either. We could go into a long explanation of the now defunct Australian sales tax regime here, and explain how about one third of the entire computer industry used a series of artful dodges to evade paying the 22 percent wholesale sales tax, and damn near ripped the guts out of the entire industry, but perhaps we can leave that for another day.

OK, it wasn't legal, because the shonk was dodging sales tax, but he was the one who would go to jail if he ever got caught, not you, so why not? A board is a board, isn't it? Let's look a little closer.

OmniMount RE12W Enclosed 12U Wall Mount Rack System

We can start by looking at the board itself. Picture at right. On the top you can see the same no-name board. The board underneath is a Gigabyte VF, another board from the same general era. Notice how much thicker the Gigabyte PCB is? That's the first sign. Some perfectly good main boards are quite thin, but in general thick boards are good boards, thin boards are thin because Amptron DMIVIEW10 cheaper to make them that way. Now hold the board in both hands and flex it: Do the same with a good main board use an old one, because this is not good for them and it will bend less than half as far with the same force. Official Amptron DMIVIEW10 Free Driver Download - dmiviewexe .

IntelĀ® H61 Express Chipset Product Specifications

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