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Even though the TV manufacturers have gone all in on 4K, most of the majors still offer some p HD models from which to choose, including the subject of today's review: Samsung's TV line includes two p series: The "higher-end" J is available in screen sizes from 32 to Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV inches, and it uses a direct LED lighting system with Micro Dimming Pro technology which the J lacks.

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Micro Dimming Pro adjusts the brightness of the entire LED grid and turns off the whole grid during all-black scene transitions; there's no local dimming control to adjust specific areas of the screen during video playback to improve black-level performance. To get that feature, you have to move up to the company's Ultra HD offerings. Setup and Features The UN55J has a simple but elegant appearance, with only a quarter Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV of glossy black bezel surrounding the screen.


The TV uses Samsung's V-shaped, matte silver stand that does not swivel. Since the unit uses a direct LED backlighting system instead of an edge-lit design, the cabinet measures 2. The TV weighs The supplied remote is backlit and has a straightforward button layout.

  • 55" Class J Full LED Smart TV
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  • Samsung UN55J p LED/LCD TV Reviewed

Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV The remote does not include controls for a set-top box, nor does the UN55J's onscreen interface give you the advanced, integrated set-top box control that you'll find on higher-end models like the JS Samsung has revamped its Smart View 2. I'm not sure Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV is a bad thing. The remote-control aspect of Smart View was never its strong suit, and removing it has allowed Samsung to simplify the app's layout to make it extremely easy to use. Basically, the home screen organizes your phone or tablet's media content into Photos, Videos, and Music.

You can browse the content and select what you want to view or listen to, and it immediately starts playing on the Samsung TV. You no longer have to "swipe" it to the TV.

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Wisely, Samsung does still allow you to control the TV"s volume level through the app. The UN55J has almost all of the advanced picture controls found on Samsung's higher-end TVs, including two- and point white balance, multiple gamma presets, multiple color spaces, an adjustable backlight, a full color management system, noise reduction, and more. We'll talk performance in the next section. On the audio side, the TV has two down-firing watt speakers, but it omits the two watt woofers found on the higher-end JS; as a result, the audio isn't quite as full on the low end as I heard from the UN65JS, but this Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV still has solid dynamic ability, and vocals aren't as thin and nasally as you often hear through TV speakers.

The Sound menu includes five sound modes, with a virtual surround option, a dialog clarity tool, a five-band equalizer, audio delay adjustment, and the ability to enable HD audio pass-through. You can read my full review of the Samsung platform here. Performance As always, I begin my performance evaluation with a discussion of the UN55J's accuracy--how close it comes to reference standards right out of the box, with no adjustment.

The TV has four Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV modes dynamic, standard, natural, and movieand only one of them--the movie mode--is close to accurate. The good news is, it's very close to accurate, with the grayscale and all six color points having a Delta Error below three any error number under three is considered to be imperceptible to the human eye and a gamma average of 2. That means, even without a professional calibration--which most people probably won't pay for at this price point--the UN55J can produce a very natural image with neutral whites, pleasing skintones, and and accurate colors.


Should you opt for a professional calibration, the numbers can get even better. I was able to lower the grayscale Delta Error from 2. The adjustable gamma control provides flexibility to set a darker Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV than our 2.

55" Class J6300 Full LED Smart TV

The movie mode measured about 59 foot-lamberts by default with a percent full-white test pattern, and I could get that number up to about 83 ft-L maximum. The highly inaccurate dynamic mode measured a little brighter, at 94 ft-L. The TV's screen surface is a little more diffuse and less reflective than many of Samsung's higher-end TVs, yet I found it still did a good job of rejecting ambient light to preserve image contrast Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV a brighter room. As usual, I lowered the UN55J's backlight to about 40 ft-L, which for me strikes the ideal balance for daytime and nighttime viewing. Many Blu-ray demo scenes had good overall contrast and looked good even in a dark room, but the darkest demo scenes that I like to use to test black level--chapter one of The Bourne Supremacy, chapter three of Gravity, and chapter four of Pirates of the Caribbean: These scenes were a bit washed out, and the dark areas had a bluish-grayish appearance.

On a positive note, because Samsung opted for a direct LED backlight instead of edge LED lighting, the screen's brightness uniformity is quite good for a budget display.

There's no light bleed at the corners, nor are there splotchy patches of light around the screen that can make dark scenes look "cloudy. Samsung's Auto Motion Plus menu has a variety of blur and judder options to suit anyone's taste. If Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV like the smoothing effects of frame interpolation aka the Soap Opera Effectthe Standard and Smooth modes reduce both blur and film judder.

If like me you don't like motion smoothing at all, the Clear Mode and the Custom Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV with blur set to max and judder set to zero both produced visible lines to HD in my FPD Benchmark test pattern. Enabling the LED Clear Motion control improves motion resolution even further, but it sacrifices some light output to do so--I'm not sure the benefit outweighs the reward at the inch Samsung UN55J6300AF LED TV size. The smart TV platform worked well and gave me no issues. Samsung offers a huge collection of apps, and the ones I tested launched fairly quickly and played reliably.

Samsung provides a lot of ways to access personal media files on phones, tablets, USB drives, and DLNA servers, as well as support for a wide variety of file formats.

Plus, it has better gaming support than many of its smart TV competition. Visit Samsung today for Discover the latest features and innovations available in the 55 inches Class J 6-Series Full LED Smart TV. Find the perfect TVs for you!

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