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Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised and decided this might be a great time for an intel-gathering reconnaissance mission. My most illuminating revelation was simply gaining a better understanding of the roles of these three men during product development and how their individual areas of expertise come together in crafting the outstanding effects Strymon has become well-known for. Gregg is the Strymon BigSky Pedal Analog Engineer, a. Hand crafted, studio-class reverb algorithms deliver lush, gorgeous, and musically inspiring reverb experiences Twelve reverb machines to choose from: Stereo input and output Expression pedal input with selectable control over any knob or combination of knobs, saveable per preset also configurable as external tap input MIDI input and output Included 9V center-negative power supply mA minimum required Audio Quality: I was really excited to get my hands on the BigSky after the impressive unveiling at Strymon Social.

I decided to take things slow and really delve deep Strymon BigSky Pedal what this pedal has to offer. I spent nearly a month testing and using the BigSky before even beginning to write this review.

Strymon BigSky Review – Best Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal?

The BigSky is no exception. On the left side of the pedal, below the digital display, is the Type knob. This selects the reverb machine you want to use. Pushing the knob toggles between bank title and Strymon BigSky Pedal Time value on the digital display. It may be pushed Strymon BigSky Pedal held to Save preset changes.

The Decay and Pre-Delay provide your standard reverb adjustments for decay time and the initial delay before the reverb onset. This is useful as you have a wider range of control over the level of reverb below the volume of your dry signal which is typically the volume range reverb is most often used. The Value knob may Strymon BigSky Pedal used to quickly scroll through available presets.

Strymon Big Sky Effect Pedal Reverb eBay

A particularly useful function of the Value knob is letting you fine-tune the reverb decay when the Decay value is shown on the display from having turned the Decay knob Strymon BigSky Pedal clicked the Type knob. The bottom row of knobs includes Tone, Param1, Param2, and Mod controls.


Strymon BigSky Pedal Tone knob attenuates the high end Strymon BigSky Pedal your reverb. This helps achieve a reverb tone that fits nicely in your mix. The Param1 and Param2 knobs provide auxiliary tone-shaping power by being assigned to additional parameter functions. Every factory preset already has these knobs assigned to useful functions for each preset. Need to quickly assign different parameters to these knobs? Just push the Value knob, turn it to select a parameter, and click in the Value knob while turning Param1 or Param2 to assign parameter control to whichever knob you want.


The Mod knob adds modulation to your reverb, ranging from subtle to more prominent movement. The BigSky offers remarkably deep reverb sound designing prowess for those who want no less than the very best in stompbox and studio-grade reverb processing. Most of the machines all but Chorale offer the Low End parameter for additional tonal adjustments, and there are multiple parameters unique to each reverb that are essential to getting the most of out each algorithm and sculpting your perfect reverb sounds. The Strymon BigSky is one of the Strymon BigSky Pedal fully-featured and sonically diverse pieces of reverb Strymon BigSky Pedal available.

If you Strymon BigSky Pedal want basic, classic-sounding reverbs with uncompromisingly high sound quality, of coursethe BigSky over delivers as a quick scroll through the various Room, Hall, Plate, Spring, and Reflections presets will show. If you have more eclectic tastes and want something more than variations of traditional reverb ambience, there are plenty of choices in the BigSky to satisfy just about any reverb need. I prefer to set the size beforehand Studio or Club and assign the Low End and Diffusion to the Param 1 and Param 2 controls for on-the-fly adjustment. This mode offers deep sound shaping control via the Tone knob and the Low End and Mid parameters. Strymon BigSky Pedal

The Hall is quite warm and creates a very spacious reverb that Strymon BigSky Pedal your guitar in an enveloping ambience while still leaving room for your playing to shine through with attenuation of the Mid value. The Plate mode provides the expected fast-building plate-style reverbs. Low End and Tone adjustments provide plenty of EQ flexibility over the traditional, less versatile plate reverbs of old that had to be equallized with outboard gear. It offers 4 dwell settings — Clean, Combo, Tube, and Overdrive — and the ability to emulate a spring reverb using 1, 2, or 3 springs.

Strymon BigSky Review – Best Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal?

If you want to dirty it up a bit, the Tube and Overdrive Dwell options will saturate your reverb for some trashy sounding reverb tones. Yes, that is a good thing. Some folks like it messy. The Swell reverb is where things start to get a bit more interesting and out of the ordinary. This Strymon BigSky Pedal lets the reverb Strymon BigSky Pedal up behind your dry signal for evolving, ambient textures.

Strymon Big Sky Effect Pedal Reverb

We faithfully captured the essence of these classic sounds, and forged ahead to dream Strymon BigSky Pedal our vision of reverbs from the future. BigSky Reverb Pedal. Only at Sweetwater! ✅ FREE Tech Support and ✅ FREE Warranty for your Strymon BigSky Multidimensional Reverb Pedal!

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