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In anticipation of the release, web pages have sprung up proclaiming a new era of Real Time Combat is about to dawn upon us. Even the usually hard- ened and cynical corridors of Plus www. Power Play were the scene of some shaky knee excitement Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave it finally arrived for review. Dark Reign is here and oh my, things are looking sweet. Good guys, bad guys The scene is set. The fascist bully boy boo-hiss Imperium are up against The Freedom Guard, the type of people that fight for the good things in life. Well in this case, they are fighting for the right to drink water and not be killed at the age of Seems a fair cause to fight for.

The next level Dark Reign promised many sig- nificant enhance- ments over previous Real Time Combat games. One of the most interesting being units involved in greater interaction with the environment. All of the land types, from swamps, roads and mountains have an effect on particular units. This sees Infantry slowing down as they cross a mountain, but fast footing it over plains.

Greenie Galadriel

Vehicles gaining speed down that strategi- cally important road, but coming to a crawl through that swampy area. Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave example, an Infantry unit will see further while on top of a hill than a unit placed in a neighbouring val- ley. Dark Reign is a very major step in Real Time Strategy.

The designers have suc- ceeded in giving each unit a partic- ular role to play in certain environ- ments. The strong emphasis on subversive activities, as well as straight up troop vs troop combat does require a strong attention span at times, but that comes with the territory. This game is going to rock the world of real time combat in a big way. Dark Reign on the other hand often requires unit supervision as you send that strikeforce into a moun- tainous region, where both their line of sight and movement can be adversely affected. The Freedom Guard tend to rely upon mobility and stealth, but in a very non wimpy kick ass way. You know where the Imperial base is, but keep- ing an eye on it is proving quite dif- ficult. How about morphing a scout into a tree and sending him over to the perimeter of the base to keep an eye on your enemy? Phasing is an equally interesting pastime, allowing specific units Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave ability to sink into the ground concealing their posi- tion.

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This can lead to leaving your Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave seemingly undefend- ed, as the enemy marches in only to have 15 Phasing Tanks rise up out of the ground. A sight to truly behold. Big Tanks, Cyborg Infantry and fearsome flying machines One of the meanest being the Hostage Taker. Picture kidnapping enemy troops, brainwashing them and releasing the blighters under your control with bombs planted on their backs. Warning, this tactic could cause friends to suddenly take an immense dislike to you.


Base construction relies upon the Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave vesting of precious water, which is then sold for credits. The art of con- struction, Dark Reign-style comes in the balancing act you have to continually strive for. Do you pursue a strong infantry army complete with Medics and supported by Phasing, or do you go for artillery and air support?


This will all depend on the environment and of course investigation of your enemies plans. Of course you could decide to upgrade all your buildings and go for the lot, but then, water can be a scarce and hard fought commodity. Busy but bearable With all these complex going ons, you could gain an impression of Dark Reign being a nightmare of mouse clicking and infinite Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave menu after sub menu.

Not so with features like the ability to stack production of units, which was well used in KKND. You just click on a production icon a set amount of times, and the factory will pro- duce that Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave In the early stages, it can be tough to pick out the land- scape.

Greenie 2.0 Galadriel

The idea is to sneak him into an enemy building and steal the plans for certain enemy Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave which you would love to build and add to your arsenal. Upon gaining the plans, you then have to get him back to your H. To make life difficult, the Infiltrator can get discovered during the covert activities which can blow the whole deal. An added advantage is the ability to morph into an enemy infantry unit.


Makes the Red Alert spy look very lacklustre indeed. Funny how those enemy soldiers are looking greener by the second. If it gets damaged your phased units could suddenly become very conspicuous. A transport that has capacity for five units. It Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave underground and unseen by enemy to any location, rises up and does the unload.


Perfect for that friendly unannounced drop in. An advanced option will have you setting up patrol routes and reg- ular paths, useful for stopping your freighters from straying into danger- ous territory. Avtek Data Avtek MegaModem 2000 Wave Avtek MegaModem (CD) Free Driver Download for WindowsXP, Avtek MegaModem Wave Device Driver. Avtek MegaModem Wave Device Driver (3). Avtek MegaModem (CD) Driver (15). Avtek MegaModem (k Enh) (CD) Driver (14).

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