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Choose Maxim s Touch-Screen Controllers. International prices will differ due to Dallas MAX7302 duties, taxes, and exchange rates. Not all packages are offered in 1k increments, and some may require minimum order quantities. The 20MHz SPI-compatible interface serially connects up to drivers with displaymemory mapping automatically shared and allocated among the drivers. On power-up, the devices synchronize themselves and allocate memory addresses to suit the display architecture.

UP TO 5. This device is available in a 7mm x 7mm, pin TQFN package. A wide supply range makes it ideal for a Dallas MAX7302 of panel sizes. The device's low-dropout pass element 0.

Wave-shaped circuitry generates soft rise and fall LED-current edges of equal Dallas MAX7302 and reduces EMI during short turn-on and turn-off transitions. Using only one of the sense resistor s values and the I 2 C interface, the LED current can be programmed at the production line based on LED-bin information to ensure consistent brightness. It eliminates the need for a switch-mode driver by folding back the LED current at high input voltage or high ambient temperature. Dallas MAX7302 on-board Hz ramp allows analog control of PWM dimming. Voltage Foldback Prog.

Dallas MAX7302 The on-board switch-mode controller provides voltage to the LED array. The constant current in each string of the series-connected LED array is controlled by integrated linear outputs, which are constant-current sinks.

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Utilizing them in these applications eliminates concerns about LED-current accuracy and matching, minimizes component count, and saves board space. They are pin compatible with the industry-standard. Only one feedback resistor is needed to control the LED Dallas MAX7302 and obtain. The output current of each channel can be. It accepts a noisy input from a mechanical. This controller can be used in a wide range of applications such as home appliances, medical, automotive. Features SO8 plastic micropackage Dallas MAX7302 connections top view I cc typ.

EA2-USG v2.

渠道之王--全线接受MAXIM产品订货 1片起订 maxim专卖店 -钱不够花的文章-企博网职业博客

An adjustable. It is designed. Digital Thermometer and Thermostat www. Fahrenheit equivalent. This product has been replaced by the AxCent family of servo drives. Please visit our website at www. Iain Mosely Converter Technology Ltd. The Dallas MAX7302 deactivates when the input returns to its previous state or the input register is read Figure 9. A pin configured as an output does not cause an interrupt. Input Port Registers The input port registers Table 2 are read-only ports. They reflect the incoming logic levels of the pins, regardless of whether the pin is defined Dallas MAX7302 an input or an output by the respective configuration register. Writes to the input port registers are ignored. Polarity Inversion Registers The polarity inversion registers Table 4 enable polarity inversion of pins defined as inputs by the respective port configuration registers.


Set the bit in the respective configuration register to enable the corresponding port as an input. Clear the bit in the configuration register to enable the corresponding port as an output. Bus Timeout Dallas MAX7302 register 0x08 LSB bit 0 to enable the bus timeout function Table 6 or clear it to disable the bus timeout function.

Enabling the timeout feature resets the MAX serial bus interface when SCL stops either high or low during a read or write. Standby supply current is typically 2. The MAX can therefore be used in hot-swap applications. They convert their die temperatures into digital values using internal analog-to-digital con- I2C tutorial; Using the I2C Bus. These seem to have the advantage that they can Dallas MAX7302 connected together, and do not need to have addresses individually on thier pins. The Linux i2c subsystem abuses this transaction type for device detection purposes, We often get inquiries from our customers about what slave address to use in order to communicate with their I2C slave device 8-bit, and bit I2C Slave There are many peripherals that can be added to a microprocessor over the I2C and SPI serial interfaces.

Figure 4. It is used in mobile and desktop personal computers for low-speed communication in the system.


Similar to the SPI, I2C also offers the flexibility of interfacing multiple slave devices and has some added advantages. I'm needing some help understanding how to communicate with a battery management system Dallas MAX7302 i2c. MAX datasheet, MAX pdf, MAX data sheet, datasheet, Dallas MAX7302 sheet, pdf, MAXIM - Dallas Semiconductor, SMBus/I²C Interfaced 9-Port.


MAXEVKIT Evaluation Kit for the MAX MAX I²C-Interfaced Port, Level-Translating GPIO and LED Driver with High Level of Integrated ESD.

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