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We take extra effort and spend a lot Arecont Vision AV20365DN-HB IP Camera additional money to ensure that that all items are boxed well to prevent shipping damage. It doesn't happen frequently but we cannot guarantee that a shipper won't damage it anyway. By using the surveillance client, the user can create bookmarks Rights applied: The bookmarks can be created for many cameras simultaneously and allow the choice of a title, color, initial and final date and observations. All the fields can be used as filters for later query, in the bookmarks search screen: During the playback, the bookmarks will be displayed in the timeline, facilitating the location of events: With this new options, the system can create a bookmark whenever a given event occur, easily identifying them in the recordings: With the failover system you can configure additional servers to take over the operation of other servers in case of a failure.

The failover system allows scenarions of 1 to 1, 1 to N and N to N. The edge recording system implemented in Digifort allows the download and Arecont Vision AV20365DN-HB IP Camera of recordings stored in the memory card of supported cameras Self-healing of recordings With the self-healing option, the system can be configured to automatically download camera recordings in case of a system failure, filling up the recording gaps from the failure: Download recordings by event The edge storage system also allows downloading video on the occurrence of any system event, allowing operations such as: Downloading recordings using scheduled events, creating a scenario where camera recordings can be daily downloaded at a scheduled time Downloading recordings with different resolution on the occurrence of any event 15 Version Automatic bookmarking on merge The edge recording system provides a unique option to automatically create a bookmark whenever the downloaded video from a camera is merged with the main recordings, allowing a clear identification in the timeline to distinguish between the main recordings and the downloaded recordings.

With the popularization of mobile devices and the availability of high-speed data networks, Mobile Camera becomes a very attractive solution for projects requiring mobile surveillance, such as: Police and tactical operations Cargo inspection Property security Patrol The images from all mobile devices that are connected to the system can be recorded and viewed in real time by the operators. The app will be available for Android and Apple devices Digifort Smart Glass Google Glass integration This revolutionary new product allows the seamless integration of Digifort software with Google Glass.

Using the capabilities of Mobile Camera, it can stream the video generated by Google Glass directly to Digifort, and through voice commands it is also possible to view Arecont Vision AV20365DN-HB IP Camera camera from Digifort system in Google Glass. Digifort Smart Glass is a combination of Mobile Camera and Mobile Client, providing the features of both softwares in one compact device using voice commands for operations that require hands-free mobile surveillance. Often, reports need to be generated, be it from event records, LPR, analytics or even a print of an image of video playback. With the new Report Authentication feature, the system will add a barcode to all issued reports and this report will be saved in the server in a safe way.

Later if you want to check a report issued by the system, simply request the report through the barcode and the system will generate it again with the originally saved data, making it possible to compare them with a pre-printed report in order to confirm its authenticity. Previously the events were generated by the license plate list itself, triggering an event when a plate was recognized in that list, however the new structure Arecont Vision AV20365DN-HB IP Camera provides a separated register of events which allows a better control of the environment.

Avdn-hb Arecont Vision 20 Megapixel ? Panoramic IP Camera eBay

This feature also enables the system to prevent the same license plate to be recognized by the event during X seconds if the vehicle was recognized by more than one attached configuration New LPR engine A new LPR engine was added to the system. The ipts engine provides license plate recognition exclusively for Turkey. The Carmen engine is still used to recognize license plates from the whole world and the Kapta engine 22 22 Digifort Release Notes was removed from the system Option to save the images externally The LPR system now provides the option to save the images of recognized plates in an external folder, instead of using the database for storage: Masks can be used to trigger events Arecont Vision AV20365DN-HB IP Camera a set of plates that meets a given criteria: If the option is not maked, the system will store the original image.

Sidebar with the latest recognized plates Panel with the image of a recognized plate Panel with a live camera and associated surrounding cameras Panel with information about the recognized license plate Panel containing the lists in which the plate was found The new interface also allows the operator to register a new plate directly from the surveillance client Trigger unrecognized license plates The LPR engines now has a new option to trigger the plates that were not recognized, however this option is only available when using physical or external sensors.

Av20365dn-hb Arecont Vision 20 Megapixel 360? Panoramic IP Camera

With this option, when a sensor notifies the system to start the recognition process and the system does not find any license plate, a record will be created with the character "-", identifying that a plate was not recognized. This chart represents the reliability of character recognition.

This chart is calculated by using the values of reliability and shows total of records with good reading and bad reading. The system server now has a new multi-threading architecture that allows it to parallelize even more tasks to better use the resources Arecont Vision AV20365DN-HB IP Camera a CPU Arecont Vision AV20365DN-HB IP Camera multiple cores New video decoders Added new decoders for H. The new codec has superior performance compared to the old codec New administrative features and improvements New information columns in register screens The administration client now has a great tool that will assist the management and configuration of objects in a server.

The extended columns are implemented for all registration screens that contain information that can be displayed in a list. In the registration of cameras for example, the user can select which columns should be displayed: The columns can also be sorted, moved and resized. The selected columns are saved and the next time the registration is opened they will be displayed in the same manner in which they were configured.


This will become an indispensable tool for administration of large and medium installations Object importing Importing objects from a remote server is a new tool that will help manage large Digifort installations. Every configuration screen that allows you to import objects now has an "Import" button 35 Version Import cameras for relay Many Digifort installations often need to provide external access to live cameras and many customers prefer not to provide access directly to the main server, but rather a parallel media Arecont Vision AV20365DN-HB IP Camera whose function is to get live images from the main server and providing them to external clients.

To assist in the creation of this media server, we have created a new option using the system object importing tool.

megapixel,AVDN,H,MJPEG,SurroundVideo Series,Arecont Vision. AVDN. 20 Megapixel ˚ Panoramic IP Camera, fps, Day/Night. megapixel,AVDN-HB,H,MJPEG,SurroundVideo Series,Arecont Vision. 20 Megapixel ˚ Panoramic IP Camera, fps, Day/Night, mm.

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