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The hardware optimized architecture is as shown in figure 2. The driver can compile the vertex shader program in run time and flexibly uses the hardware accelerator. Instructions with full bits floating point precision. Other than the performance advantage, the smart vertices data movement will significantly save system memory bandwidth.


Finally, the good news is that the vertexlizer engine can be upgraded without any hardware replacement. The fact is that this Xabre should scale very nicely. The most Sis Vga Xabre 600 part is the fact that the vertex shader structure from the Xabre can be upgraded to future versions without any hardware replacement.

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This helps to ensure future compatibility with vertex shader 2. Here is a quick rundown of the other features supported: This Sis Vga Xabre 600 leans towards the crowd that likes a little show when touting their systems.

Other than that, the layout is a pretty simple design. This conflicts with the Xabre presentationwhich says the Xabre uses 3. It seems our card has faster RAM on it than SiS says will ship with retail Sis Vga Xabre 600, which will run at MHz memory speed our card came clocked stock at MHz memory speed. After taking the HSF unit off, I found that a sufficient amount of thermal paste had been applied, but the footprint showed that the heatsink itself was not being held tightly against the GPU.

It came off quite easily, revealing the core itself. Performance of Pixel Shader 1.


The pixel shaders are evidently of the hardware nature, and as the complexity level Sis Vga Xabre 600 the shader grows SIS catches up and even outedges ATI. So, the pixel shaders are here, the vertex shaders are emulated. And they are emulated less efficiently than the forced emulation of the ATI's solution.

SiS' Xabre600 GPU

Now we have the synthetic tests of the 3DMark Fillrate So, the Xabre outshines the Xabre Later we will see whether this lag will tell upon real applications. Scene with a large number of polygons In this test you should pay more attention to the minimal resolution where the fillrate makes almost no effect: I could assume that some optimization in the drivers of the Xabre worked bad and brought negative results remember the strange results of Sis Vga Xabre 600 matrix blending from the DX 8.

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I'm really at a loss. But if you remember some time ago the new version of the 3D Mark brought some corrections, and the Xabre started to perform much better.

And now one more new version - and the new SIS card has its scores much worse. What does it mean?

SiS Xabre 600 GPU Details

Maybe the optimization of the 3D Mark for the Xabre wasn't complete? Unfortunately, the 3D Mark is not an open benchmark. And now the DP3 relief: And here the Xabre even outdoes its rivals in the moderate resolution.


Vertex shaders The situation is strange and inverted as well! Now look at the more complex benchmark - Advanced Pixel Shader. The layout is the same.

SIS Xabre 64MB Video Card Review

So, the behavior of the 3D Mark is really strange as far as vertex performance is concerned. Now, months after the initial Xabre release, SiS has added the faster Xabre to its arsenal of graphics products. SiS Xabre Impressions The GPU That Scales With Your what SiS considers to be an optimal balance between dedicated graphics. As long as the issue I happened upon with drivers and the price point is hit the Xabre will be worthy opposition for the likes of Sis Vga Xabre 600.

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