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Send and receive 5. Run C2PC, receive tracks. Recommend operational policies and procedures for this system that would reduce any adverse impact this system might have on operational networks Section2: However since this configuration will be used for testing and evaluation Adaptec ANA-6910FXST the USS Coronado, any deviation from the tested configuration would necessitate that follow-on testing be scheduled Wireless Local Area Network WLAN 1. Cisco Aironet Series Components. After some initial problems, the NetFortress and the NetFortress Remote functioned as advertised by the manufacturer. NetFortress During the initial testing we did experienced some difficulty as we where in receipt of the incorrect type of NetFortress hardware box.

The initial test conducted included a Classless Activated model, however the correct equipment for the test was the Classless Non-Activated model. Adaptec ANA-6910FXST

The difference between the two is that the Activated model will bind itself to the class of network that it is on, once this happens the box cannot be moved to another network. The Non-Activated model will allow movement from one network to another without the paralyzing security Adaptec ANA-6910FXST. NetFortress Remote: At the time of the initial test, and while attempting to setup the PC clients, it was discovered that the NetFortress Remote client software would not accept a subnet mask other than the standard class A, B, or C subnet mask. If you attempted to change the subnet mask to a. This was a bug unknown to the manufacturer. The manufacturer did provide a fix for the problem, however the bug fix was not consistent, some times it worked and sometimes it did not.

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Since the ITF Lab utilizes a non-standard subnet. However this should be kept in mind if an attempt will be made in the future to install this system on a non-standard subneted network. Section 3: The Adaptec ANA-6910FXST change takes place on the WLAN clients. The NetFortress unit was designed as a security device; as such it will not pass unsecured protocols.

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Adaptec ANA-6910FXST As such the WLAN clients will have to be configured statically. Section 4: WLAN, rev Proxy server setup No changes to the standard configuration are required Off-ship router setup ACL setup No changes to the standard configuration are required Routing protocols No changes to the standard configuration are required Routing areas No changes to the standard configuration are required DNS setup No changes to the standard configuration are required Adaptec ANA-6910FXST configuration setup No changes to the standard configuration are required.


GD Adaptec ANA-6910FXST was installed on the Fujitsu laptop clients. No problems were noted GotsDelta Servers No changes to the standard configuration are required. In addition it will give users a roaming functionality provided by the use of multiple Access Adaptec ANA-6910FXST. This will allow wireless users to move freely throughout the facility while maintaining seamless, and uninterrupted access to the network.

The assumed initial conditions of this test are as follows: Network is properly configured with a large-deck VLAN layout. Windows NT servers and clients that will be used in the test are properly configured with the standard GOTS delta software and communicating successfully Adaptec ANA-6910FXST the network.

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Virtual port 12 3 Bridge Mode: Auto-Switched 31 Switch Timer: Output Format Type: Yes 7 Admin, Operational Status: Enabled, inactive 8 Adaptec ANA-6910FXST Port Status: Disabled, available 9 MAC address: Spanning Tree Bridged 31 Switch Timer: This documentation is included on the GotsDelta CD. There are many ways in which you may configure and monitor the Aironet Access Point. However on the unit first powered up, basic configuration must performed by accessing the Console Serial Port. To gain access through the Serial Port, the Aironet Access Point must be connected to a terminal or a PC running a terminal emulation program.

The Console system is organized as a set of menus. Each selection in a menu list may either take you to a sub-menu or display a command that will configure or display information Adaptec ANA-6910FXST the unit.

This functions as a password to join the radio network. Nodes associating to the Access Point must use the Adaptec ANA-6910FXST identifier in their configurations, Adaptec ANA-6910FXST their association requests will be ignored. Select 1 from the main menu. Enter write press enter 3. Enter password asdfgh90 press enter 4.

ANAFXSC ANAFXST. Compatible Environment IBM OS Microsoft DOS Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows NT.

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