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Asus P4R800-V Deluxe

Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement But using such a bleeding-edge motherboard turned a number of my dreams into nightmares. The first was the cable connector for the floppy drive. Rather than install it with the connector pointing away from the board, Asus placed it on the edge of the board, meaning one Asus P4R800-V Deluxe ATI 9100IGP to approach the motherboard from the edge to connect the cable.

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The problem with my case was that it was not designed to accommodate this oddity of design, a fact my helpful computer guru friend discovered only after installing the board in the case. He used some colourful language to describe the experience of taking the board out just to snap in the cable. Another curiosity is that there are jumpers on the board, and although one would expect the defaults to work at least minimally, the board's default setting was to reset the BIOS every time the system is fired up. The default BIOS would not work properly with my hardware, and so the system crashed inexplicably until a thorough step-by-step process revealed that the problem Asus P4R800-V Deluxe ATI 9100IGP in the jumper settings.

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Sure, it said so right in the manual, which we should have read. But that's like buying an automobile with the gas-line valve shut as the default configuration.

One shouldn't have to read the manual and run through dozens of diagnostics just to drive the car off the lot. Ordinarily reliable memory seemed to choke the system; so at this point the machine was brought into a shop that had many different memory chips in stock.

The Asus manual yes, this time the manual had been carefully consulted listed all the chips that work with the P4RV, but several of the listed ones did not when we installed them. We finally found two chips that worked, but they added up only to MB, not the 1GB that I had hoped for.

A further problem arose when the computer had been up and running for a while. The Asus board ships with a couple of software utilities, one a system monitor which I used to test the installed Prescott chip's temperature and the other a BIOS upgrade checker.

When I ran the BIOS upgrade checker two weeks into the machine's life, it reported that there was an upgrade, and that I should download and install it. Story continues below advertisement This I did, but the upgrade reset something in the machine, leaving it unable to read the first boot sector of my hard disk. Just like the default jumper setting, the BIOS upgrade was conforming to someone else's idea of the default way I would use the motherboard. The entire process of sorting that out ended up corrupting a few files, so I ended up having to fix them with Windows XP's version of ScanDisk, Microsoft's old warhorse of a utility.

But running it on a GB drive was a process I'd rather not do often: It took about five hours to complete. The Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet adapter caused the same problem. The Microsoft Windows Update site reported that there Asus P4R800-V Deluxe ATI 9100IGP a new driver available, and that I should download and install it. I did, and the system promptly disabled the network: A lengthy check into the causes of this the Ethernet update was just one of Asus P4R800-V Deluxe ATI 9100IGP package of updates I had installed, and it was difficult to tell which one had been the culpritshowed that rather than replace the old Ethernet driver, Marvell's upgrade installed itself in parallel to the old driver.


Uninstalling one of them was an easy process, but it took ages to find that problem in the first place. Microsoft Windows Update is now reporting the arrival of an even newer driver, but when I tried installing that one, the mess got even worse. This time I had to uninstall the entire driver package and reload the old one, which I knew worked.


Because the floppy drive and third IDE connector are on the lower half of the motherboard, Asus places them on their side which helps to keep them out of the way. Too bad there isn't a fan header anywhere near that AGP slot for an after market fan.


The P4RV DLX is well labelled so you probably won't have to refer to the manual during installation, which is always nice. -ATI RADEON IGP 3D Graphics -Dual-channel DDR -ASUS [email protected] Asus P4R800-V Deluxe ATI 9100IGP LAT -AI BIOS -Thoughtful Visual Design -IEEE Asus P4RV Deluxe Motherboard Review - Like the nVidia nForce2, the ATI Radeon IGP is no slouch when it.

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