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At the same time, they have a comparable peripheral interface set let alone the "bonuses" like a second COM-port, infrared detector port, which are even more likely to be found on compact and inexpensive motherboards. Secondly, today it isn't hard to find a motherboard in the aforementioned price range with a couple of digital video-out ports and a full set of other necessary interfaces including RAID support for up to 4 SATA hard disks. By all means, those, who want to install an outboard video card, can do it just as easy as with any other discreet MSI K9AG-NEO2 Digital board.

MSI K9AG NEO2-Digital

Clearly, the chipset manufacturers themselves are to be blamed. Most of the time they position such products as low-end. They do it both officially and openly, like VIA and before that - ATI, or based on results of benchmark tests and functionality comparisons as in MSI K9AG-NEO2 Digital case of Intel chipsets.


While a MSI K9AG-NEO2 Digital hardware firewall isn't really a must-have option even for expensive discreet chipsets, having it certainly served well to draw attention in that case. Unfortunately, due to higher frequency and abundance of functionalities both bridges of the chipset generated much heat, and for chipsets with integrated graphics heat emission is an especially important characteristic.

Given what's offered, it's a very well priced board for just about any low cost PC you've got on the drawing board. This is particularly true when the affordability of a good mid-level AMD Athlon64 processor is considered. The layout of the motherboard is alright; MSI could have placed the floppy drive connector in a better location, but otherwise I don't have any specific complaints. Ports are great, but it's rather annoying when motherboards come with all the jacks MSI K9AG-NEO2 Digital PCI brackets. Given this variety of video output, it's safe to say that sub-par 2D video is a thing of the past. Though to be clear, there is still a big difference when it comes to 3D gaming.

That's expected, that's why there are PCI Express videocards that cost as much as an entire computer after all. Considering the volume of AMD G motherboards on the retail market, it's obvious that motherboard manufacturers like this solution.

MSI K9AG Neo2-Digital AMD 690G/SB600 AM2 Motherboard

Update CPU ID. - Fixed the system show error message with 4G memroy during POST.


- Fixed Cool & Quiet cannot work under Vista. Version.

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