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Our investigation focused on the evo- lution of landforms as a key factor in geoarchaeological analysis. The aim was to determine the influence and control of relief structure on the formation, distribution and gene- sis of soils Dell Dimension 4600C Nec ND-6500A sediments in Campo Lameiro —which may be considered as the environmental archives.


This approach is particularly important in this area, due to the scarcity of ar- chaeological remains other than the rock art itself. Soils and sediments are unique archives that have recorded landscape transformations linked to cultural evolution.

In the studied area the oldest sedimentary facies date back to the late Pleis- tocene — early Holocene. From the mid Holocene onwards the dominant processes are erosion and colluviation, in high and low potential energy areas respectively; which implied an intense redistribution of the soil resource through time. During Dell Dimension 4600C Nec ND-6500A Bronze Age, when most rock art panels appear to have been made, these processes intensified and the rock surfaces were largely exposed.

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The environmental dynamics in the area follows a pattern already described for other sec- tors of Dell Dimension 4600C Nec ND-6500A Spain, and is therefore consistent with the re- gional evolution. Our results demonstrate the usefulness of paleoenvironmental analyses in building a framework for the comprehension of Galician rock art. Geoarchaeology is both an interdisciplinary and specialized discipline. This dichotomy does not weaken the discipline, although it does lead Dell Dimension 4600C Nec ND-6500A de- Analysis of landforms in geoarchaeology: BUTZER, was among the first to stress the application of a geo- scientific perspective in the study of human pre- history, a field that he defined at the time as prehistoric geography.

In his view, humans are best understood with respect to their ecology, and Geoarchaeology could play an important role in defining the environmental context of past soci- eties.

He also alluded to the significance of such research to modern environmental issues. The archaeological record is a complex system affected by a Dell Dimension 4600C Nec ND-6500A of chemical, physical and biological processes, that have to be defined prior to deciphering behaviour through induction. Regardless of the nature and rate of human disturbance on the landscape, considerable debate has surrounded the identification of climate changes and human impacts whether direct or in- direct as driving forces of landscape change. Re- lief structure and its evolution govern the forma- tion, erosion and distribution of soil and sediments.

Due to the difficulties in direct dating of the panels, in rock art sites it is necessary to un- veil the chronology of the processes of weather- ing, erosion and sedimentation to know when the exhumation of the rock outcrops occurred, and thus rock art could have been produced. On the other hand, the distribution of archae- ological sites is a function of several factors: The distribution of archaeological sites de- tected using GIS reflects patterns of discovery and documentation, which in turn are influenced by survey strategies such as the distribution of rock art, and geomorphic processes -erosion and dep- osition of sediments BAUER et Dell Dimension 4600C Nec ND-6500A, ; GUC- CIONE et alii, Also, the concept of landscape sensitivity is fundamental to the relationship be- tween climate and erosion in shaping the land- scape. In this project Earth Sciences dis- Dell Dimension 4600C Nec ND-6500A played a major role in complementing the archaeological research.

Our paper focuses on the evolution of landforms -rocky substrate, sedi- ments and soils - as a key factor for geoarchaeo- logical analysis, with the objective of defining the relief units —location and timing of formation- and to relate them to the spatial distribution of the rock carvings. We aim to determine the influence and control of relief structure on the formation, distribution and evolution of soils and sediments.

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This approach is particularly important in the studied area since there are few archaeological re- mains other than the rock art itself. Granite land- forms, soils and sediments are unique archives that have recorded transformations in the landscape linked to cultural evolution.

The area is an almost isolated hill, isolated by a series of fractures with preferential directions N-S, E-Wwhich the fluvial network uses to flow through the territory. The general rolling topography, with a series of tops and troughs, is the result of a combination of granitic macro and microforms. It is an area of transition between the coast and mountain range with humid, temperate climate.

Analysis of landforms in geoarchaeology: Campo Lameiro, NW Iberian Peninsula

Dell Dimension 4600C Nec ND-6500A mean annual temperature is The methodology used to relate the geoar- chaeological analyses and the geomorphologic context started with the interpretation of aerial photographs, in order to define the relief units and how they link to the regional geomorphologic con- text. In a second stage, fieldwork was carried out in order to differentiate landforms.

All this infor- mation was used as a basis in order to designing and subsequent opening of 43 ditches Dell Dimension 4600C Nec ND-6500A ten sec- tors, with a total length of 2. We fol- lowed two main criteria for its design: The aim was to obtain as extensive and varied a representation as possible of the superfi- cial formations that fossilize the substrate, their fa- cies and morpho-sedimentary features, and to obtain as full a stratigraphic sequence as possible. The groups of ditches correspond to different mi- crotopographies, each associated to rock carvings.

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