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You must know that it's possible that more then one tuner type will Beholder Behold TV 405 FM with Your card, but one can work better and the other worse so don't stop search after finding first working tuner and when checking if tuner type works it's good not to check only one or two frequencies. If you need to remove the module and try again with different options, use rmmod. To do this the kernel must be compliled with the module unload feature enabled.


There are more options you can pass when loading the module. They are: By default you don't need Beholder Behold TV 405 FM use these options, since the module will automatically register the next available sequence of numbers. Just pass a 1 to enable it. In addition to the oss option there is a new module saaalsa seems to be in 2.

It should be noted that some cards do not have the on board audio output e. Hauppauge HVR and therefore the first option cannot be used. Some cards, even though they have composite video input and S-Video input, have no audio input except through the TV antenna. At least on some cards, it is possible to capture audio through the TV input and video through S-Video input at the same time. You might like to do this if you have one of the kernel versions whose saax module Beholder Behold TV 405 FM with ALSA and hangs the system. For example say you have an analog camcorder and you are trying to capture the video and sound.

Your cabling would be like this:. Otherwise, if those aren't in use, those are the ones that the module would create. Once its loaded, you will need to use a mixer to change the settings so sound will record. By default, the recording device is not set correctly, so anything you record will be muted.


Aumix is one of the few mixers in portage emerge: The -d argument tells aumix which mixer device to open. The -I means interactive mode, which will bring up the console or X window program. Beholder Behold TV 405 FM default, the "R" recording device will be set to Video. Change it to any of the other options Line 1 or Line 2 to record onboard audio. In console mode for aumix, use the arrow keys to select Line1 or Line2, and then the space bar to select that one as the recording device.

Behold tv 405 fm windows 7

In the X window, just select it with your mouse so there is a red box next to it. Save your settings and exit. If you don't want to manually set your mixer everytime you boot your computer, aumix makes it easy to do so with one command. If you want to get sound from your cards dma output you can use sox. Beholder Behold TV 405 FM am using tvtime and sox.

I have chosen pcm to control sound in tvtime, but it is muting pcm after i close it. After some fight with bash i wrote this:. Even if your system is pure alsa, I prefer the oss-emulation based sox method, because the sound latency is way better then with Beholder Behold TV 405 FM pure alsa toolset method below.

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The Beholder Behold TV 405 FM for this is that sox in the sample above just copies raw sound data from one dsp device to another without much buffering, which kills the latency in the arecord aplay sample. I finally came to a slightly modified version of the above script, which is more pid-safe regarding the sox kill and also avoid ugly line noise while the analogue tuner is still syncing when tvtime starts:. TV тюнера Behold TV FM, TV FM и TV Находит.

Драйвера для Beholder Behold TV FM. Are you looking driver for a Beholder Behold TV FM TV-tuner? Do you have the latest drivers for your Beholder Behold TV FM TV-tuner?

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