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Both games and DVDs look stunning on this screen. I can only think this is because the DVD lacks the resolution to be expanded to fullscreen, though I doubt Acer Aspire 5020 64bit Modem can be the real reason. The inbuilt Arcade DVD Player does play it fullscreen, but seemingly at a loss of quality over letterboxed. I am sure I will figure it out eventually, but it is something to bear in mind. The backlighting is extremely bright, on the highest setting in even a semi dark background, it hurts my eyes.


It is pretty uniform across the screen, with no light leaks anywhere. Of course, occasionally you will need to use them. I would recommend good headphones as the output signal is pretty good. The speakers themselves are small grills at the front of the base, almost invisible. The headphone and line-in jacks are located on the front as well, which is an excellent idea.

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On my previous laptop, it was on the side and left a wire trailing over the keyboard! Speaker There is also a built in microphone just next to power key, which works fairly well. Processor and Performance I spent a lot of time considering this category, since outside of benchmarking, it is very subjective. So therefore all I can offer is my subjective opinion. Boot up time is acceptable, at around 40 seconds. This is to when my wireless is good to go incidentally. It is Acer Aspire 5020 64bit Modem 30 seconds to the logon screen. That is just individual load requirements I suppose. The major flaw of this system is the HDD. It is Gb rpm.


Certainly the capacity is adequate; though it is partitioned into two 45Gb areas by default the other 10Gb is for Acer Recovery, which allows you to restore your HDD without discs. If you use large graphics files, video or play lots of games, this may not be the best solution for you. For me, it is adequate. Once applications are open, switching between them is very fast, with Acer Aspire 5020 64bit Modem lag. So, in every day tasks, it is very efficient, I only found it taxed, when I stress tested it by opening a whole load of applications and images in Photoshop. Certainly the reviews I read hold it in high esteem.

All DVDs and what not run smoothly, as you might expect. Games then…I downloaded the Half-Life 2 demo Mb in 30mins on my new connection just to test this. I tried the game on a variety of settings and then tried to note my subjective opinion. The main performance hog in this seems to be the textures, which I can only think is due to the Mb RAM or the graphics memory. I found the game unbearably ugly without at least 4xAA. It did stutter on the highest settings though, that is for sure. It Acer Aspire 5020 64bit Modem be unplayable. I think it is worth bearing in mind this system costs less thanit is not going to compete with the likes of the Dell XPS and Alienware systems of this world. It is unlikely a hardcore gamer would be looking at this system anyway though versus the dedicated PC or gaming notebook.

The system is very quiet in use, though when playing games the fan does operate continuously. It is very quiet as well however, which is good. Burning Acer Aspire 5020 64bit Modem CD was no problem. I have not yet tried burning a DVD.

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Noise You almost never hear the harddisk. When doing light work or on battery, the fan is usually OFF.

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Sometimes the fan switches on with low speed and is then noticable, but not disturbing. You can also feel that the system becomes warm, especially at the left side, but it never becomes very hot.

Note to readers: The Acer Aspire is currently available only in is not a glossy-widescreen, but does use the AMD Turion bit ML processor . The back of the unit contains Acer Aspire 5020 64bit Modem fourth USB port, LAN, Modem and. Acer Aspire Series AMD Turion 64 Notebook Review (pics, specs) poster; a thin, three-language Aspire / Series User's Guide; a modem . Mobility Modder tool, which is also the way to go for bit drivers.

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