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Save to cartridge Gameplay The Ridge Racer franchise is known for serving up a perfect blend of speedy pick-up-and-play mechanics and a skill-driven powersliding system. RR64 is all about speed, ease of play, and of course, powersliding -- all taken to the next level. The game features options to race with title-specific drift and collision detection sets. So, if you liked the way Revolution played, you can select to race in RR64 with the exact same drift and collision detection style and believe us when we tell you that no details have been spared. Even A-Link RR64, NST has also designed its own unique drift and collision detection system that is employed as the standard -- and wow, is it polished. Not only does it improve upon the bouncy feeling of past RR titles, but it enables racers to pull off thrilling powerslides that actually work to harness more speed when executed correctly.

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This addition alone is enough to change the way you A-Link RR64 RR It's a huge extra that'll have your friends asking, "How in the hell did you do that? RR64 has a decidedly arcade feel about it that enables players to jump right into it.


While there are only four vehicles unlocked out of a possible 25 to start with, they are already pretty zippy and cars only get faster from there. There is no tedious slow period that forces gamers to squeak by the first-wave of slow-moving turtles in order to acquire better vehicles later on. A-Link RR64

Ridge Racer 64

The cars are so fast that you want to pull back on the analog stick to make them fly. And once you've battled through the fist nine tracks and are a half-dozen vehicles through the game, the sensation of speed jumps to F-Zero X levels. Control, which varies from vehicle to vehicle, is generally very tight. It's easy to round a soft corner and a few taps of the B button will execute a worthy powerslide that'll handle just about any sharp turn presented without any problems. And once your skill level rises, you'll be able to A-Link RR64 buddies with spins to your heart's delight. You'll find yourself devising new ways A-Link RR64 powerslides past opponents and yes, you'll actually need to use it once you've advanced far enough.

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A-Link RR64 biggest complaint is not a surprising one. Though Nintendo would love nothing more than boast that RR64 features nine unique courses, the fact of the matter is that there are really only three -- two from previous RR games and one original. Sure, there are three significant variations for each track which is how we get that marketable 'nine' figureand there are reverse courses to deal with after you've beaten the primary game, but even with all of that RR64 fails to deliver the amount of track variety that other racers do. We've had the game for three days and we're done. We've gone all the way through it. We've raced all the courses and we've acquired all the cars.

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The truth is, A-Link RR64 racers will probably be able to zip through RR64 in a day or two. Of course, A-Link RR64 same could be said for Ridge Racer and Revolution for PlayStation, but that hasn't stopped either game from gaining classic status. The truth is that the game is so fast, so polished and so much fun that you'll come back to it time and again even after you've beaten all the tracks and obtained all the cars. You'll come back to show your friends how you can take a sharp corner at mph with a speedy powerslide.

You'll plug in a few extra controllers and marvel at the framerate and play consistency. A-Link RR64 master the tight controls and you'll take on the Time Attack mode to beat high scores previously set by yourself. And you'll love every A-Link RR64 of it.

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Multiplayer Up to four players can go head-to-head in a split-screen race in RR The two-player mode is spot-on with the single-player, delivering a brilliant framerate with drones on-screen, only slightly reduced detail and even options for A-Link RR64 screen views. The three- and four-player modes are a notch lower on the playability scale thanks to a noticeably more sluggish framerate, but it's still never too bad and it's certainly never unplayable.

The only gripe we have is that in A-Link RR64 and four-player mode, the engine noises are dropped out while the music continues to play. Graphics Let us just borrow a phrase Keanu Reeves made popular and say, "Whoa. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this game is its blistering fast framerate, only upped in performance by F-Zero X on Nintendo 64 -- really. You won't believe your eyes as this game roars along with a smooth fluidity with a pretty environment scaling by, three polygonal cars up front and two in your rear view mirror. Official A-Link RR64 Free Driver Download - RRzip .

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