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Prices Tab 1 Go to the Prices tab. Set the Black price and the Color price if color detection has been enabledand click OK. Pcounter accounting configuration - Windows Note: Remote print server credentials are only required if Pcounter for Kyocera ECOSYS FS-3640MFP MFP NDPS will be managing print queues on servers other than the one that hosts the Kyocera Gateway. If print server credentials are implemented, the specified user account must have Backup Operator privileges for all remote print queues that will be managed. Make sure you are logged in as Admin or equivalent and do the following steps. Create the Pcounter for Kyocera gateway user account. This account will be used by the Pcounter for Kyocera gateway to authenticate all users to the system and track usage on your MFPs. Choose Netware as the accounting type and click the Configure button.

If you are using a cluster you would want to reference the Virtual cluster name. This setting should be set to Standard NetWare unless Pcounter has been previously configured to use a custom schema extension to store user account balances. If account balances are not being used, then this setting can be ignored.

Press the button next to this field to grant attribute rights to the gateway service user account, so that account balances can be modified. When usernames are recorded with a simple username instead of a fully qualified NDS name ie. Searches can be specified to start from a Kyocera ECOSYS FS-3640MFP MFP NDPS container in order to reduce search time and overhead.

Pcounter for Kyocera - PDF

Click OK to complete the Pcounter accounting configuration. No reboot is required.

Technologies 8 Configuring Other Global Settings 1. The Applications section allows you to choose a default language for Pcounter for Kyocera and customize the text that will appear on headers in the MFP panel display. The Applications section also contains a series of checkboxes to further customize Pcounter for Kyocera performance: Allow registration of unknown cards [Login] Display user account balance [Print] Display job page count [Print] Display job cost [Print] Display job submission time [Print] Apply client codes to released printjobs [Print] If this option Kyocera ECOSYS FS-3640MFP MFP NDPS checkmarked, client codes selected at the MFP panel will be applied to released print jobs. Only display client code search results [Client Code].

Kyocera Fs-3920 Driver Mac

For security purposes or to speed up performance, the display of client codes can be limited Kyocera ECOSYS FS-3640MFP MFP NDPS the results of specific searches. The Workspace Options can be configured to allow users to choose from multiple task buttons after authentication. Technologies 9 Additionally, Pcounter for Kyocera offers a submenu of application tasks that can be accessed and launched by pressing the Application button on the Kyocera MFP. This feature is only available when a function screen native to the MFP is currently displayed on the panel. The Application Workspace can be useful when a user logs on, initially, to submit one type of job, and wishes to continue the session to submit another type of job or change the recorded client code.

To configure Workspace Options: In the Pcounter for Kyocera configuration program, choose Settings Workspace to open the Pcounter workspace Kyocera ECOSYS FS-3640MFP MFP NDPS.

Click Kyocera ECOSYS FS-3640MFP MFP NDPS workspace at login to enable display of the Workspace screen after the user authentication process is completed. Place a checkmark next to each MFP function that you wish users to be able to access from the Pcounter Workspace. If you wish to enable the Pcounter application workspace which appears when the Application button on the machine is pressed from an internal function screenplace a checkmark next to Show Pcounter application workspace. Note that this is enabled by default for Manage print jobs.

Place a checkmark next to each MFP function that you wish users to be able to access from the Pcounter Application Workspace. The Pcounter workspace and Application workspace are two separate menu screens.

Iprint windows 7 unsupported client type

Both of these Workspace menu screens are optional. When they are not enabled, the user will see a standard MFP function screen after authentication at Kyocera ECOSYS FS-3640MFP MFP NDPS machine is completed. When only a single function is selected for the Pcounter Workspace, the user is taken directly to the MFP screen for that function after authentication is completed. They are replaced by the Select a function screen.

The default is to use Port Click the Install button to install the Kyocera Gateway service. After the service has been installed, click the Start button, then click OK to close the Service Configuration screen. Choose Server MFP administrators from the pulldown menu. Adding a Printer 1.


Click the Select button on the first tab of the Device Configuration window. Highlight an existing Device Profile in the Printer configuration profiles list and click Edit. Or click Add to create a new profile. If copy jobs, scans, and faxes will be tracked without debiting users, set Accounting to Log file only. If users will be debited for copy jobs, scans, and faxes, set Accounting to User account balances and Log File.

Made for demanding work groups looking for Kyocera ECOSYS FS-3640MFP MFP NDPS and easy to use highly productive MFP. Simplified login eliminates access bottlenecks while keeping  Missing: NDPS. General type, Monochrome multifunctional for A4 format. Technology, KYOCERA ECOSYS Laser, HyPAS Solution Platform. Engine speed, Up to 40 pages A4  Engine speed‎: ‎Up to 40 pages A4 per minute.

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