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Since there is no the agent for the very powerful metal one, announc- accepted scientific method for accurately dating lead, ing its arrival and allowing adequate time for prepara- all that can be said is that this mask may have been tions. The source of the Alloy MWASK must be addressed. Lead and It sends the message that the penalty for anyone who iron are insoluble in each other at all temperatures. The tan strip of mammal skin over the upper lip with added antimony. Pure carbon-free iron melts originally was a furry moustache.

Grotesque Alloy Mask

The beard is made at C. Hence any iron added to a pot of molten from fine plant fiber and the long, gently curving, ta- lead will not dissolve Killick One Alloy MWASK has The small amount of iron detected in the pXRF analy- been replaced with aluminum, probably in the early sis is likely a contaminant, since the mask would have 20th century after the introduction of aluminum to been cast by one of the very few Mande blacksmiths West Africa, but the wooden mask may be from the Alloy MWASK had completed a long apprenticeship to also be- 18th or 19th century, and may be a replacement for come an accomplished brasscaster McNaughton The flaking encrustation has accu- Iron contamination from his tools and forge was un- mulated over many generations of ritual use.

An iron avoidable.

Similarly, small amounts of Alloy MWASK have been nail on the head is for the attachment of its costume. This may have been the strong red dye prepared from a decoction of the heartwood, bark, and roots of the indigenous camwood tree Baph- ia nitidaor from powdered camwood itself. Besides 1.

Grotesque Alloy Mask - Armor - Items - Database - EQ - Magelo

Elemental analyses were performed utilizing its usage in traditional medicine, camwood has long X-Ray fluorescence with a calibrated Niton been applied to sacred sculpture to symbolize Poro XLTHe. Red, the color of the Poro, can also be added to sculpture as red cloth, natural pig- 2. Peters ; Suzuki and Marumo ; ment, paint, red seeds, and beads Cardon and Jansen Xinde et al. Lead and Lead Alloys PXRF analyses to deterimine the elemental ously discussed lead mask. The objects included examples in the collections of the Hafenrefer Museum of Along with the lead mask, this Alloy MWASK mask is part Anthropology at Brown University, the Nasher of a functional set.

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Personal communication, Butterman, W. June 6. The Poro Initiation Ritual.


Accessed July 11, (Last 20 Recorded Auctions). Grotesque Alloy Mask.

Item png. MAGIC ITEM Slot: FACE AC: 6. DEX: +7 CHA: 15 AGI: +2. SV MAGIC: +5. Secrecy: Journal of Poro Studies, 2(1), A Lead Mask from the Liberian Dan 1 A Lead Alloy Mask from the Liberian Dan: The Alloy MWASK Expansion Ritual NEIL.

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