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Controls may be AudioScience ASI6300 to either manipulate the audio as it passes through the node, or report back control status information. Not all adapters have all controls.

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The section below lists some common and any specific controls, as seen in ASIControl, for this adapter. Serial Number: The AudioScience ASI6300 number is displayed here.

1 DESCRIPTION 2 FEATURES PCI EXPRESS COBRANET SOUND CARD. * Available in driver 4.04 and later.

Hardware Revision: This lists the hardware revision of the AudioScience product. DSP Software Version: The DSP software version is displayed; usually AudioScience ASI6300 same as the driver version installed.

A graphics display on the units front panel shows peak meters and CobraNet status. AudioScience provides application software that may be used to set up AudioScience ASI6300 of the Hono Series units. ASIControl sets up all internal features of the unit and allows CobraNet routing connections to be set up between the Hono Series units and any other AudioScience ASI6300 device on the network. You have already flagged this document.

Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors AudioScience ASI6300 have a look at it as soon as possible. Delete template? Au7pq2ov Ide Controller Driver Download. Au5tf5uq Ide Controller Driver Download. DSP Software Version: The DSP software version is displayed; usually the same as the driver version installed.

DSP Utilization: This shows the loading AudioScience ASI6300 the adapters DSP in percent. Not all adapters have the same modes, and not all adapters have modes. Please see datasheets on specific adapters, available at www.


Figure 2. A reboot is necessary after changing adapter mode.


The ASI supports four adapter modes: It is recommended that play and record formats be constrained to 48 kHz mono PCM if all 16 devices are AudioScience ASI6300 be used. Mode 2 supports recording stereo MP2 at 48 kHz on all 8 Record streams.

Mono mode supports PCM only. Mono mode supports mapping a single Play device to a mono AudioScience ASI6300 channel, allowing independent audio output on each channel.

The first line of static text contains the selected playback file. Below the filename is the file information; playback time and playback bytes, the timescale select options, the player control buttons and the file repeat option. Use the file icon AudioScience ASI6300 to navigate to the desired file. After opening the file, the complete filename, including the path, will appear immediately to the left of the file open icon. At this point the file information is also filled in so that it contains the following fields: Channels, Rate, Format, and Bit Rate.

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There is AudioScience ASI6300 adapter node in the top left corner. Clicking on this will show adapter specific controls and properties on the right hand side Node Controls Window The right hand side of ASIControl shows the controls associated with the selected node on the topology view.


The controls AudioScience ASI6300 arranged, from top to bottom, in order of audio signal flow, i. Adapter information seen in right side of ASIControl.

Audioscience asi driver

Serial Number: The AudioScience ASI6300 number is displayed here. Hardware Revision:Installing your ASI product. AudioScience manufactures a variety of products including internal audio adapters and external sound devices. Installation methods. ASI features AudioScience's unique “anything to anywhere” For ASI, ASI, ASI, and ASI families, rotate the rotary.

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