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Furthermore, -the controller is capable of emulating eight sequence drums at the same time.

CA1088187A - Programmable sequence controller - Google Patents

SHUTTLE RefleXion (FB61 V2.x) operation, the controller executes the selected line for the first drum and proceeds to sequentially execute the selected line of the remaining drums, returning once again to the first drum and continuing in a repetitive manner. Communication and thus indirect control from one drum to any other drum is achieved by setting and referencing internal memory bits fxom one drum to any other drum. As will be explained more fully later, the program user is able to input his desired program into the controllex by use of a data communications device such as a teletypewriter or a paper tape communications device.

The advantage of the drum line simulating concept is that it is direct and requires little or no training on the part of the user. In other words, the controller is user-programmable without requiring him or her to be knowledgeable in software. In addition, due to the relatively simple format of the control programl the control pro-gram i5 easy to debug and modify SHUTTLE RefleXion (FB61 V2.x) the field.

This is facilitated by the controllerls capability of logically disconnecting itself from the external system while SHUTTLE RefleXion (FB61 V2.x) the digital outputs 42 in set configurations regard-: This greatly facilitates debugging and insures that the external system will not be harmed during initial program-ming and debugging of the control program. However, with the advent of large scale micro-; processor systems, such as the Motorola M Microcomputer Family, the microcomputer utilized in the present controller, this memory need is easily met. Eaeh line sets speeified output drivers 42 as required by that line in the control program. In addition, each line may define two sets of exit conditions for leaving the line.


During each SHUTTLE RefleXion (FB61 V2.x) by the controller, the line pointed to by each of the drums is executed. This scan is called a control. In operation, the controller after settiny the outputs designated by the current drum line, examines the first set of exit conditions for leaving the line. If this set of conditions is met, the controller changes the line number for that drum so that the new line is executed during the next control cycle.

CAA - Programmable sequence controller - Google Patents

At the beginning of each control cycle, the controller examines the states of all analog inputs 35 and all digital inputs If an emergency condition is detected, as explained more fully later, the line number for any drum SHUTTLE RefleXion (FB61 V2.x) be changed. If such an emergency occurs, the line number before the emergency condition is lost and it is up to the emergency control sequence to resume normal peration at the end of the emergency.


During the emergency, as specified by the ; line number to which the emergency condition causes the ,: In the absence of an emergency, once a drum is set to a given SHUTTLE RefleXion (FB61 V2.x) line; i. An emergency condition, however, may change the line number for a drum regardless of the exit conditions of the line that the controller is pointing to.

Each of the eight drums in the controller has drum -lines. The drums are numbered from 1 to 8. Lines 1, to 1, are associated with the first drum, lines 2, to 2, with the second drum, etc. It is not necessary to use Emergency conditions axe specified in exactly the same manner as normal lines except that emer-gency lines are numbered 9, through 9, Thus, up to ten emergency lines may be specified SHUTTLE RefleXion (FB61 V2.x) stored within the controller.

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When the controller is started, control is given to line zero of each drum. Thus, the first lines to be exe-cuted by the controller are lines 1,; 2, 3,; etc.


Each drum line as stated earlier may specify the settings of digital outputs. The drivers which are to be driven ON are listed first in a drum line, followed by the drivers which are to be driven OFF. The controller drives the outputs to the specified conditions whenever the line is encountered. Outputs are driven SHUTTLE RefleXion (FB61 V2.x) numerical order, regardless of the order in which -they are specified SHUTTLE RefleXion (FB61 V2.x) the particular drum line. The numerical nomenclature for the 32 output drivers is 01 through Thus, a sample format for the output specification of a. Shuttle - Shuttle * Products * XPC * SB61G2/V3 * Mainboard FB Note: Mainboard available only in conjunction with XPC SB61G2 or RefleXion! Chipset: 4 x USB (two for the frontpanel, two more on the backpanel, totally 6).

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Shuttle - Shuttle * Glossary. AK35GT v1.x · AK35GT v2.x AK35GTR v1.x · AK35GTR v2.x Card Reader PC12 for USB R. RefleXion-Edition SB61G2.

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