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These ports are color coded Iwill P4SE-GOLD easy identification. It is recommended that you do not plug or unplug devices when the system is on. It does not matter if the system is on when you connect or disconnect USB devices. See the graphic below.

It does not matter Iwill P4SE-GOLD the system is on when connecting or disconnecting a LAN cable. Do not connect or disconnect a serial port when the system is turned on.

P4SE-Gold Motherboard

Parallel Port The Parallel port connects the system to devices that have a parallel interface. This port is generally used to connect a printer to the system. The supporting data rate is Mbs, Mbs and Mbs. The three audio jacks are: Iwill P4SE-GOLD external ports include jacks for a 5. Iwill P4SE-GOLD jack is for the Left and Right rear speakers and the other is for Center channel and Subwoofer. Motherboard Installation This chapter describes preparing and installing the motherboard, as well as installing and connecting other components.

Please review each of the following procedures before installing the motherboard. Before You Install this Motherboard Before placing and fastening the motherboard into a case you must first install a CPU and Iwill P4SE-GOLD memory modules. Please read the sections below and follow the instructions carefully.


You must install both Iwill P4SE-GOLD Intel Pentium 4 and Iwill P4SE-GOLD cooling assembly carefully and in accordance with the procedures below. If you fail to follow these procedures, it could result in either improper operation or damage to the CPU or motherboard. To install an Intel Pentium 4 processor on this motherboard, you need to do the following: Install a Pentium 4 processor in the mPGA socket. Installing the Processor It is important to review all of the instructions before beginning the installation procedure.

Carefully handle the processor by its edges, and take all precautions against electrostatic discharge. Non-boxed processors follow the same procedures, but the accessories may have a different appearance.

Iwill P4SE-Gold Motherboard Memory P Series

Unlock the socket by pressing the lever sideways, Iwill P4SE-GOLD lift it up to a Iwill P4SE-GOLD angle. Position the CPU above the socket such that its marked corner matches the base of the socket lever. Press it firmly on the socket while you push down the socket lever to secure the CPU.


The TIM is supplied in Iwill P4SE-GOLD applicator with the boxed Pentium 4 processors. The TIM is attached to the heatsink.


Make sure to close the clip levers one at a time. Align the Heatsink and clip assembly with the Retention Mechanism and place it on the processor. The Heatsink is symmetrical. With the clip levers in the Iwill P4SE-GOLD position Epush down on all four clip frame corners to secure to the Retention Mechanism hooks F. Close the clip levers G. The levers require force to be completely closed.

Connect the processor fan cable connector to the motherboard header. Maximum 4GB total system memory for dual channel memory configuration, 2GB for single channel memory configuration. Memory configuration options are: Any capacity DIMM may be used in the sockets as long as total memory is not greater than 4GB when dual channel mode or greater than 2GB when single channel mode. Modules of the same speed provide better performance Note1: If installing dual channel memory you should use two modules that are manufactured by the same company, that are the same model, and the same size. The modules are notched so that you cannot insert them incorrectly. To install memory modules: Unlock a DIMM socket by pressing the retaining clips outward.

Firmly insert the module into the socket until the retaining clips snap back into place and the module is properly seated. Make sure the memory module is locked on the socket with both retaining clips. There are many system housing designs and you should consult your system housing documentation for specific installation information. Installing the Motherboard To install the motherboard into the chassis:Crucial Memory and Iwill P4SE-GOLD upgrades - % Compatibility Guaranteed for Iwill P4SE- GOLD - FREE US Delivery.

IntelĀ® Kenai-II GbE and Realtek B 10/Mbps (P4SE-Gold/ P4SG-Gold only)?? Realtek B 10/ LAN (P4SE/ P4SG only)?? Firewire (IEEE).

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