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Its products are widely used in mobile devices, notebook PC, desktop PCs, servers, communication equipment, LCD displays, televisions, gaming consoles, multi-functional office equipment, and industrial computers.

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Its attempt at raising the efficiency of existing power supplies mostly involves the development of next-generation power conversion technologies such as high power density, high efficiency, low standby power consumption, and intelligent power system management. LITE-ON continues to apply new technologies in the development of next-generation energy products including wireless charging and fast charging modules for consumers' convenience. Lite-On provides Battery Backup Power Supply Systems and cloud computing power solutions that offer greater reliability. In the future,LITE-ON plans to expand its power supply applications to specialized industrial applications such as military, aviation, oil drilling, public transportation, healthcare etc.

Meanwhile, LITE-ON continues to ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth high-efficiency Battery Backup Power Supply Systems and high-capacity cloud computing power supplies to establish its reputation as a total power solution provider. Lite-On's recent efforts in the development of energy-efficient UV LEDs have been rewarded with significant cost advantage, giving it a good head start in special lighting applications such as nail treatment, photocatalyst, mosquito lamp, plantation, ink-based printing, and UV exposure. Invisible LED products include photo couplers, finger navigation sensors, ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth encoders, infrared transmission, ambient light sensors, and proximity sensors.

The photo couplers in particular have been broadly used in power suppliers, touch screens, high-resolution printers, hand-held devices, gaming consoles, and industrial automation. General Illumination and Outdoor Lighting.

General Illumination comprises of home range and commercial range LED bulbs, tubes and other lighting equipment, whereas Outdoor Lighting consists mainly of LED-based traffic signal lights and street lights. With the support of government policies around the world and falling production costs, LED is replacing conventional lighting solutions at an increasing pace. To capitalize on this trend, LITE-ON has made extensive attempts to develop distribution, secure key materials, and extend product life by improving system ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth, smart lighting control and power conversion efficiency. In the meantime, the quality of lighting has been constantly improved to satisfy the needs of different environment, giving LITE-ON's LEDs a solid reputation around the world.


LITE-ON provides customized products according to customers' requirements, and is dedicated to integrating advanced technologies into new products that can meet the needs of all customers. ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth terms of hand held devices, LITE-ON has successfully developed a dual-lens technology that can be applied onto mobile camera modules. The most significant advantage about the dual-lens technology is that both lenses can function at different focus.

Fundamentally speaking, dual-lens technology has an advantage over the current solution, where focus is adjusted by moving a set of lenses. This gives mobilephones the ability to zoom in and out without adding thickness to ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth chassis.

ASUS ET2325IUK All-in-One PC Bluetooth, Wireless LAN Drivers for Windows 10

The current design, for instance, features the combined use of one wide-angle lens and one 3x ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth lens. Images captured through the two lenses are processed using a special algorithm to produce the same image quality as if one optical zoom lens is used. Furthermore, the two lenses are capable of gathering data on the depth of field in real-time as images are processed.

This gives users more useful data for ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth purposes. Coupled with the use of advanced image processing software, the system allows users to adjust focus after taking a shot in greater quality, efficiency, and accuracy. In terms of end products, LITE-ON has successfully developed and mass-produced new all-in-one office machines that feature energy-efficient color laser printing.


Human Input Solutions Input devices refer to accessories such as ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth keyboards, keypads, keyboard modules for laptops, mice, and intelligent remote controls. In the desktop keyboard category, LITE-ON produces conventional as well as Bluetooth keyboards that feature new mechanisms and materials. New products being developed in this category include: Enclosures LITE-ON supplies new-generation enclosures for personal computers, workstations, and servers that are energy-efficient, recyclable, and cause no harm to the environment. In order to meet the growing demand for cloud computing and data centers, the company has shifted its new product focus towards 1U, 2U, 4U and 8U ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth servers. For personal computers, the company is working with Intel's form factor requirements to develop vertical, horizontal, and compact enclosures.


Networking Access LITE-ON produces a variety of wireless modules that are currently being used in televisions, laptops and gaming consoles. It has become the world's leading supplier of laptop wireless modules.

The Systems segment is currently working with customers to develop the world's most compact business computers and workstations, and is exploring ways to apply this new technology to Kiosks, ATMs, as well as POSs. Mobile Mechanics In the hand-held market, LITE-ON is a provider of mechanics solutions and precision tooling services that help its customers customize the components they need e. These services ultimately result in end products such as feature phones, smartphones, phone accessories, tablet PCs, personal healthcare products ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth.

ETINT All-in-One PCs ASUS Global

LITE-ON's competitive advantage lies in its plastic and metal molding know-how, surface polishing techniques, antenna design, craftsmanship, and the ability to provide integrated and innovative solutions. Some of the company's integrated and innovative solutions include Visual Metal Insert Molding, Narrow Glass Insert Molding, and 3D Printing Antenna that have proven helpful to customers in saving costs, reducing energy consumption, making better use of available space, and making products as seamless, compact, and feature-rich as possible. SSDs are starting to replace conventional hard drives due to advantages such as low power consumption, no-noise, shock-resistance, and low operating temperature mainly due to the absence of physical disks, read-write heads, and motors.

It has built up a strong team of technicians and mass-produced SSDs for applications such as desktop computers, laptops, POSs, ATMs, ASUS AIO Liteon Bluetooth game machines, automotive electronics. Moreover, the firmware development team has successfully launched several exclusive intelligent SSD caching solutions and DISK management utilities. To capitalize on the opportunities presented by this emerging storage device, Lite-On is currently developing enterprise-grade SSDs that can be used on servers, workstations, and data centers. Lite-On offers customized design and manufacturing for auto manufacturers around the world.

19.5" slim and stylish FHD all-in-one PC

These new breakthroughs are being adopted by the world's major auto manufacturers. This package contains the files for installing the Liteon Bluetooth Driver for ASUS All-in-one PCs.

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