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Most of those end up, like the Yoga, as part of the company's consumer-targeted IdeaPad line of products.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

We've seen similar attempts at laptops that can double as tablets over the years, usually Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Bison Camera a rotating center hinge that swivels around to let the device change forms or more recently with a screen that slides down over the keyboard. Before Windows 8, most of these experiments weren't particularly successful, thanks to a combination of poor design, underpowered components, and an operating system that wasn't touch-friendly.

The other problem with those traditional convertibles has been that the single rotating center hinge was a potential weak point in the design. Lenovo says the Yoga's full-length hinge has been rigorously tested and is stronger than the older rotating convertible design, and in practice that definitely seems to be the case.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro

When opened into its clamshell position, the Yoga would be tough to pick out of a lineup of recent ultrabooks. The minimalist interior is dominated Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Bison Camera a large buttonless clickpad, along with a island-style Lenovo keyboard, which means the flat-topped keys have a small curve along their bottom edges for easier typing. As good as Lenovo's reputation is for excellent keyboards, I had a surprising amount of trouble with the Yoga's keyboard.

I narrowed most of my issues down to the half-size right Shift key, which meant I often hit the up arrow when aiming for Shift. The end result was a lot of frustration and retyping, but after a few days one would naturally adjust to this specific layout. The touch pad is the same as you'd find in other clickpad Lenovos, including the recent high-end X1 Carbon.

Best Buy released an alternative version of the Yoga 13 with an Intel Core i5 processor vs. Lenovo's base model's i3 processor and no Microsoft Office whereas Lenovo's base model includes Microsoft Office. The Yoga's hybrid design was achieved through the use of a special patented hinge that allows the keyboard to flip flush to the back of the display.

When the keyboard is folded away the computer functions as a touch-controlled tablet. Much of the Yoga 13's usability as a tablet is made possible through Microsoft's Windows 8. In his review for Popular Science, Dan Nosowitz wrote about the keyboard, "The one big fault, oddly, is the keyboard.

Oddly, because Lenovo is kind of known for making ugly but incredibly usable keyboards. Yet the Yoga 13 has a half-sized backspace and right shift key, which means I mistyped a lot. When you're in tablet mode, there's the Windows 8 on-screen keyboard, which, due to the Yoga 13's huge screen compared to other tabletsis great.

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You can actually use all ten fingers on the keyboard, rather than the two-fingers-and-a-thumb strategy you'd use on Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Bison Camera iPad. He said, "Whether a notebook that bends and folds, or an all-in-one that puts the 'wide' into wide-angle, today's announcements reflect our focus on delivering the inspirational innovations that consumers are looking for. In our Battery Eater test, which maxes out the system until the battery dies, we only clocked minutes, which is short of the minute gold standard.

This said, in normal day-to-day usage, we experienced closer to six to eight hours of life, depending on the screen brightness and CPU saturation. The display uses an IPS panel in order to provide wide viewing angles and maintain the thin profile of the Yoga Camera Driver (Chicony, Bison) for Windows Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Bison Camera (bit), Windows (bit), Windows 10 (bit) - IdeaPad Yoga Individual Downloads.

Camera Driver (Chicony, Bison) for Windows 8 (bit), Windows (bit), Windows 10 (bit) - IdeaPad Yoga

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