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Both feature a plastic drawer, bearing a Nintendo 64 sticker, with slots designed to hold Nintendo 64 game cartridges, controllers, and controller paks.


The larger of MadCatz Data Deck two organizers holds up to 24 game cartridges, and is designed to hold the Nintendo 64 on top of the organizer. The larger organizer is also designed to work with Super NES consoles, game cartridges, and controllers.

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The smaller organizer holds up to 12 game cartridges. Traveling accessories[ edit ] The Messenger Bag is a black bag made to carry on the left side of the body. It MadCatz Data Deck branded on the front with the MadCatz Data Deck 64 logo and name. It comes with zippered compartments on the outside and inside and with mesh pockets. It can only hold a few games and a controller.

Nintendo licensed a Traveling Case—a black bag, with the Nintendo 64 name stitched on the front. Two plastic buckles on the front keep the bag closed.

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It is made to carry the Nintendo 64 system with controllers, games, and accessories. They also made a standard black backpack with the MadCatz Data Deck 64 logo on the top and a zippered compartment on the front.


Official cameras have a Nintendo 64 logo on the front. They come in different colors such as blue and orange.

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Third party accessories[ edit ] Glove Controller — The MadCatz Data Deck Controller is a wearable controller with buttons like a normal controller, usable in any game. GameShark — An unlicensed cheat device made by Interact in two versions.


The first version had an LED display that would count down 5 seconds upon turning the system on. The period in the display would be lit while playing to show that the unit was functioning. There is a slot on the back of the unit for an MadCatz Data Deck card that was never made. The second version known as the "Pro" series, versions 3. It also featured a cheat search function. This feature was removed in version 3.

GameShark cards or Action Replay cards in Europe could be used to access content that would normally be inaccessible if a game is played normally without the card. Allowed emailing and Game Shark updates through the now discontinued sharkwire. A Nintendo 64 game is plugged into the back of the item and a Game Boy cartridge is plugged into the top. Like the Super Game Boy, it connects to the Nintendo 64's MadCatz Data Deck slot and requires a Nintendo 64 boot cartridge plugged into its back, and allows the user to play Game Boy games on it. Holding the "L" and "R" buttons simultaneously will cause the game to freeze at that point and the GB Hunter's Menu to appear.

The Game Screen can be maximized or minimized, from the Main menu, allowing the player to see the game full screen. The GB Hunters color palette can also be changed from the menu, to view the game in a variety of the 3 different colors. This allows you to MadCatz Data Deck or simply backup your Playstation memory card game saves directly to your computer.

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This way, you never have to worry about your memory card losing valuable save games, and never need to buy another memory card again since it will have virtually limitless space to save games on. Please note that this device uses an MadCatz Data Deck parallel port type connection and an adapter may be needed for newer computers.

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This Mad Catz Data Deck, along with the bundled MadCatz Data Deck, allows you to copy the data off of your memory cards and save it on your computer. Using this, you never need to buy another memory card because you can simply copy your data on and off of one at your leisure. These features make your life easier, so you never have to delete those RPG saves that took you hours to make just for your little brother? And if you don?

This is for a USED Playstation Mad Catz Data Deck. The Data Deck connects directly to your computer and and has a slot to insert your Playstation memory.

Mad Catz is set to release its own DexDrive-style memory card The first clone out of the gate is from Mad MadCatz Data Deck, called the Data Deck, set for.

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