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Its weapons: AMD's challenge to Intel Atom Since the start ofIntel-based netbooks ACER PineTrail been making a name for themselves in the laptop market.

The inch machines may offer very little in the way of performance, but they have long battery life and ACER PineTrail very inexpensive. But thus far, chip manufacturer AMD has not been able to profit much from the netbook boom.

The reason is this: This simply cannot compete with Atom-based machines, which achieve real-life battery run times of from five to eight hours. Acer has ACER PineTrail a completely new case and graced it with the name of its quintessential mobility product, the Aspire One. We like its chances. Get all the details in our review. ACER PineTrail

Gateway and Acer Netbooks: Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

The base unit and lid are more angular, the hinges are positioned more to the side and the lid has completely different lettering on it. The plastic case impressed us with a surprising level of robustness. The lid, the top of the base unit, and the underside of the netbook all withstood our pressure ACER PineTrail.

Under the keyboard is an aluminium plate which is attached to the motherboard beneath with countless screws. The motherboard takes up the whole breadth and height of the case, which makes it very stable. The underside of the netbook takes the form of a tray left which houses the motherboard; the tray is fastened with numerous screws to the upper pieces, including the aluminium plate. This also holds true when the battery is removed. The angled hinges mean that ACER PineTrail screen sits at the back. The lid is nice and strong with its broad screen edging. However we are not too keen on its glossy finish; it quickly gets covered in greasy fingerprints.


But Acer has given this some consideration and has provided a cleaning cloth. Otherwise the lid has a high-quality appearance with the Aspire One logo etched into its surface. So we could not even test whether the HD can produce simultaneous analogue and digital signals. Other than that, you get the usual netbook fare: The Bluetooth 3. The inconspicuous-looking webcam can take photos with a 1,x1, resolution ACER PineTrail The whole case ACER PineTrail made of a synthetic material and due to the lacquer and the workmanship it has a very nice appeal.

The case is very sturdy. It distorts very little when pressed upon with the hand.

Acer h Netbook With Pine Trail, Pics and Specs Leak

Only when one puts a lot of pressure does the case give way. The keyboard ACER PineTrail a matter of taste. The synthetic material used for the keyboard feels cheap and not of very good quality.

The two display hinges are firmly bound to the ACER PineTrail and do a good job of holding the screen up. The Acer Aspire One weighs ACER PineTrail. Overall, that is a good value for a The power supply delivered with the weighs gramms. Sadly, the positioning of the USB ports makes them rather hard to access, and one must use a bit of force to put in, for example, a USB stick.

Acer Pine Trail Aspire One with Atom N breaks cover - SlashGear

Left side: No ports, 2 stereo loudspeakers Back side: Only ACER PineTrail stereo loudspeakers are placed there. The back side is similarly free of ports as the big 6 cell battery with 63 Wh capacity takes up all the space there.


Bluetooth is only available in the slightly more expensive version with the HD-ready screen x pixels which costs around euros. The available ACER PineTrail are not unusual for netbooks.


However, the multi-in-1 card reader is a pleasing feature which allows for a variety of cards to be read by the netbook. However, the hard-to-access USB ports are not so nice as they require the use of force and the Kensington lock is not placed well either. Additional software is also delivered alongside the Windows 7 OS. For example: Delivery Contents and Optional Accessories The package in which the netbook is delivered only includes the most necessary things. The package includes a fitting power adapter, a guarantee card, an extensive user manual, and a quick start guide. The is Acer's first netbook running on Intels new Pine Trail platform. The ACER PineTrail is also equipped with an Intel Atom N processor ( Comprehensive review of the Acer Aspire One (AMD Athlon II Neo different to the case of the Aspire Onethe Pine Trail netbook.

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