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But unfortunately, the M. In short, the performance meets the requirements for all games.

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There is only one way to test the performance Alienware X51 R3 the graphics card which is with 3DMark. When compared to the other office computers used for Gaming such as iBuyPower and AVADirect which have a high-class and strong specifications, the X51 R3 computer falls behind those devices in terms of the performance of the graphics card. While it loses to those systems, it takes a decent lead over gaming laptops and lower-end systems intended for p gaming.

Alienware X51 R3 And the following test targets the efficiency of the graphic processor in running computer games and from this point the situation starts to improve a little. But only when you want to run games in p resolution and we will mention the reason next.


When we tried to run Heroes of Storm game in the p resolution, the Alienware X51 R3 card performance started to oscillate between excelling and stumbling. Graphics Amplifier Because of the thin structure of Alienware X51 R3, and the consequent lack of available internal ports for the installation of additional Hardware pieces such as installing another graphics card to improve the current performance, as well as the internal structure which does not allow the installation of a large size and powerful performance graphics card, the Alienware company had to Alienware X51 R3 its Graphics Amplifier as an option with some models of the X51, including ours.

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But in my opinion, you do not need to buy that device since the GTX graphic processor included in the X51 R3 can run most games in p resolution and all the games by using medium quality settings as we did with the Crysis 3 game. Most of the screens do not Alienware X51 R3 the p resolution. So you will not feel any difference if you run games in p resolution on those screens.

And you Alienware X51 R3 not be able to get the 4K resolution through the X51 device. Energy and cooling The Alienware X51 shines when it comes to power draw. At idle it consumes just 44 watts, much lower than most other gaming PCs, thanks to the GTX card and the Core i5 processor.

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When the CPU kicks in, the wattage rises to 76 watts. These drives have quickly doubled and tripled the maximum speeds of eSATA, and the benefits are seen everywhere from load times in games to system Alienware X51 R3 time. Its unlikely most users will notice a dip in performance.

The larger mechanical drive is predictably much slower, falling right in line with most 7,RPM drives we test. While Alienware X51 R3 loses to those systems, it takes a decent lead over gaming laptops and lower-end systems intended for p gaming. The situation starts to improve even more when we move into actual gaming benchmarks.


Averaging over 60 frames per second in Fallout 4 with the settings at Ultra is Alienware X51 R3 too shabby. According to the Steam hardware survey35 percent of systems are running p screens, and only four percent of users are running a higher resolution on a single monitor. The X51 still performs better than current-gen consoles, without needing to shoot for sky-high framerates. Still, PC gamers are going to move quickly to p displays as the prices continue to drop. How does the X51 fare in stormier weather? Previous Next 1 Alienware X51 R3 5 Unfortunately, the X51 starts to slip a little when asked to power a higher resolution. Once again, the system is no match for Crysis 3, but only serious machines can hope to climb that mountain.

Not too amped Alienware offers its Graphics Amplifier as an option with some models of the X51, including ours. That sounds much better in theory than it works in practice, and part of the reason for that is the X51 is already a well-equipped machine without an expensive addition like that. The GTX is a very capable card at p, which is still the predominant monitor resolution. Clad in matte black plastic with Alienware X51 R3 green diagonal Alienware X51 R3 along the sides, it places a ventilation grill towards the front's bottom edge below an Alienware logo. It's a classy design that hasn't lost its allure in three years, and if you like how consoles look when they're sat on a shelf then you'll take to the X51 immediately.

Its compact chassis means space on the inside is limited, so there's no CD drive. You do get a removable tray for the GPU, which allows single-width cards, alongside an M.

Performance We don't Alienware X51 R3 any benchmark figures to share, but the Alienware X51 R3 should pack a punch. If you really want to future-proof your purchase, opting for the best graphics card on show would be the better option. Of course, we'll be verifying those ourselves in due time.


This article provides all the technical specifications for the Alienware X51 R3 systems as well as the supported features Alienware X51 R3 important. Play like a pro with the Alienware X51, reengineered with optional liquid cooling and Desktop & All-in-One · Alienware Desktop Computers; Alienware X51 R3  Operating System‎: ‎;

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