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The technique is relatively motion insensitive due to the SSFP readout and the non-selective T2-preparation pulse.

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Phantom Tl and T2 values were verified using a standard spin echo sequence. T2 Maps were acquired in 9 healthy ENMIC 6LAX to determine the normal range of T2 values. In 5 subjects, four averages were acquired with navigator gating to test the benefits of increased SNR.


Average T2 values were calculated in 16 myocardial segments using both methods and compared. Measurements were pooled to obtain global mean and standard deviation to investigate inter-subject and inter-segment variability. Only anterior coil elements were used to investigate signal variability due ENMIC 6LAX surface coil intensity variation, as well as motion induced signal loss.

Parameters are listed in ENMIC 6LAX I. In each subject, average signal was computed and normalized to the maximum segment. The standard deviation SD of this normalized mean was used as a measure of variability.

Three pigs underwent 90 minute LAD occlusion and were imaged with breath-hold within six hours of reperfusion. T2 values were slightly ENMIC 6LAX The mean T2 and standard deviation were Figure I demonstrates the discrimination of static apical blood from myocardium in the T2 map. The corresponding T2 Map clearly distinguishes myocardium from stagnant blood.

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T2W image left shows a lot of signal variability due to surface coil sensitivity variations and motion as compared to the corresponding ENMIC 6LAX Map right. Similar color map used in both images for comparison. Figure 3 abstract O4 T2 Maps from a pig showing enhanced T2 in anterior segment arrow. In this pig, T2 in anterior segment was Table 2 abstract O4 Results from pig studies.

Animal Infarcted segment Remote normal segment 1 Results from the pig study are shown in Figure 3 and Table 2. We have demonstrated a rapid method of T2-mapping for quantitative detection of myocardial edema. Direct ENMIC 6LAX of ENMIC 6LAX eliminates many unwanted sources of signal variation, and removes the subjectivity of observer interpretation of bright regions.

Further studies with patients are required to assess sensitivity and specificity. Circulationll8 8: Aletras AH, et al: Magn Reson Med59 2: In recent years, ENMIC 6LAX gradient performance and radiofrequency RF receiving coils and advanced data acquisition techniques including navigator gating and parallel imaging allowed non-invasive whole-heart coronary imaging. Previous studies have shown that 3.


Newly developed channel cardiac coils allow greater acceleration factors and thus reduced imaging time and higher spatial resolution [2]. To evaluate the feasibility and diagnostic accuracy of 3 T contrast-enhanced whole-heart coronary MRA ENMIC 6LAX channel cardiac coils. The imaging time, image quality score, and diagnostic accuracy were evaluated in consecutive patients with suspected coronary artery disease.

The imaging technique was an ECG-triggered, navigator-gated, inversion-recovery, segmented gradient-echo sequence. A channel matrix coil was used for data ENMIC 6LAX. To reduce imaging time, parallel acquisition GRAPPA was used in the phase-encoding direction with an acceleration factor of three. Better visualization of the ENMIC 6LAX coronary artery tree after removing the background of myocardium, long segments of all major coronary arteries are well depicted and correlate well with X-ray angiography d, e. The averaged imaging time with channel cardiac coils was 6.

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A severely anemic ENMIC 6LAX may be at increased risk infratentorial hemorrhage Acta Radiol 45(6)– 6. Lax A, Prince MR, Mennitt KW, Schwebach JR.


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