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High yield bonds Actebis 1996-SL greater risks of default or downgrade and are more volatile than investment grade securities, due to the speculative nature of their investments.

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The Fund is non-diversified and entails Actebis 1996-SL risks, including risk associated with the use of derivatives options, swap agreements, futures contracts and similar instrumentshedging, and leverage, which can increase volatility and decrease performance. Investments in securities of MLPs involve risk that differ from investments in common stock including risks related to limited control and limited rights to vote on matters affecting the MLP.

The Company markets its products primarily through computer product distributors and retailers. Accordingly, since the Company grants credit to its customers, a substantial portion of outstanding accounts receivable are due from computer product distributors and certain large retailers. Actebis 1996-SL any one or a group of these customers' receivable balances should be deemed uncollectible, it would have a material adverse effect on the Company's results of operations and financial condition. During the year ended December 31,sales to Ingram Micro, Inc.

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Seasonality The Company's Zip, Jaz and Ditto products are targeted primarily to the retail consumer market. This market Actebis 1996-SL generally seasonal, with a substantial portion of total sales occurring in the fourth quarter and sales slowdowns commonly occurring during the summer months.

Accordingly, in light of the seasonal nature, Actebis 1996-SL for any prior quarter may not necessarily be indicative of the revenues to be expected in any future quarter. Manufacturing The Company's products are manufactured by the Company at facilities in Roy, Utah and Penang, Malaysia and by independent parties manufacturing products for the Company on a contract basis.


Manufacturing activity generally consists of assembling various components, subcomponents and prefabricated Actebis 1996-SL manufactured by the Company or outside vendors. Duringthe Company was unable to produce enough of its products to fill all of its orders and, therefore, turned to third-party manufacturers to help satisfy demand.

Duringthe Company entered into an agreement to purchase asquare-foot, manufacturing facility in Penang, Malaysia to initially serve as an additional manufacturing site for the Company's Jaz drives and disks. The Company's success in Actebis 1996-SL up operations in Penang and the cost-saving opportunities provided by closer proximity Actebis 1996-SL the Company's storage component suppliers led the Company to re-evaluate several of its contract manufacturing relationships and in December the Company announced plans to move substantial portions of its Zip, Jaz and Ditto drive production away from third-party manufacturers, as well as its own manufacturing operations in Roy, Utah, to this new facility.

Although the Company believes it is positioned to produce the majority of its products in the future, it still intends to use certain third-party manufacturers for the foreseeable future.

There can be no assurance that the Company will be successful in managing its own operations or those of such third-party relationships, or that third-party Actebis 1996-SL will be able to meet the Company's quantity or quality requirements for manufactured products. The Company currently has third-party manufacturing relationships with Electronics Assembly, Inc. Duringthe Company granted a non-exclusive worldwide license to Matsushita Actebis 1996-SL Industrial Co.


MCI commenced production in the fourth quarter of This agreement increases competition Actebis 1996-SL may increase price competition since the Company does not set the price at which MCI sells its products. The Company receives royalties on units sold to third parties by MCI.

IOMEGA CORP - K Annual Report - 12/31/

Many components incorporated in, or used in the manufacture of, the Company's products are currently available only from single or sole source suppliers. The Company has experienced difficulty in the past, and may experience difficulty in the future, in obtaining a sufficient supply of many key components on a timely basis. During and earlythe Company was unable to obtain a sufficient supply of certain integrated circuits used Actebis 1996-SL the Company's Zip and Jaz drives.

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  • Totals for Summary Period: Feb 1 2000 to Mar 1 2000

Duringthe Company established agreements with Motorola, Texas Instruments and Symbios Logic leading industry component suppliers to commit design teams and utilize their wafer fabrication capacity for the development and manufacture of the various integrated circuit technologies used in the Company's personal storage products. Starting in Januarythese companies joined Adaptec and Atmel as suppliers who provide silicon solutions to assist the Actebis 1996-SL in meeting its demands. The Company believes these relationships will help secure high-volume manufacturing capabilities and help drive down the overall cost of current and future models of the Company's products; however, there can be no assurance that the Company will be able to obtain a sufficient supply to fully satisfy the Company's demands for such integrated circuits or realize any future cost savings.

The Company purchases a substantial portion of its sole and limited source components and equipment pursuant to purchase orders without guaranteed supply arrangements. The inability to obtain sufficient components and equipment, or to obtain or develop alternative sources of supply at competitive prices and quality, or to avoid manufacturing delays could prevent the Company from producing sufficient quantities of its products to satisfy market demand, result in delays in product shipments, increase the Company's material or manufacturing costs or cause an imbalance in the inventory level of certain components.

Moreover, difficulties in obtaining sufficient components may cause the Company to modify the design of its products to use a more readily available component, and such design modifications may result in product performance problems. Download >>. Downloads.

Submitted Dec 5, by orion frequency23 Actebis 1996-SL Member): "These three drivers should pretty much support all Targa/Actebis. Actebis TARGA TM PNLD Free Driver Download for Windows 98, 95 - . World's Targa Professional SL TCO`

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