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Studio-grade sound: Engineered for the discriminating ear Alesis iO2 USB AudioMIDI Interface USB 2. High bandwidth and low latency Flexible volume control: It's an 8-bus digital mixer, too Solid metal chassis: This versatile interface accommodates any input, from an electric guitar to a professional condenser mic—and phantom power is provided.

Alesis IO2 USB Audio Interface

Ideal for on-the-go musicians, the sleek M-Track Plus features durable aluminum case to withstand the rigors of the road. A single USB cable provides both power and a data connection to and from your laptop or desktop computer.

The circuit design minimizes laptop battery drain. Completing this powerful package are two complementary Alesis iO2 USB AudioMIDI Interface selections: These two programs can work alone or together to help you realize your musical dreams. Capture and arrange your ideas using Ignite, then use those tracks as the foundation for your professional production with Pro Tools Express. Four flexible inputs accommodate any source, from phantom-powered microphones to your favorite guitar. Plus, each input comes equipped with its own insert jack for integrating your favorite effects.


M-Track Quad provides zero-latency monitoring of the input signal for carefree recording. Four outputs deliver versatile playback options.

The front panel also offers a headphone output with dedicated level control. Together, they deliver a comprehensive path for transforming the ideas in your Alesis iO2 USB AudioMIDI Interface into a finished piece of music. On the Four Front M-Track Quad is equipped with four inputs that provide the best results with any type of audio source. The phantom power switch delivers 48V to the XLR inputs for use with professional condenser microphones.

Individual gain knobs ensure the proper input level. Inserts Each input channel is also equipped with an insert jack, a professional addition not often found in this class of interface. The insert jack allows studio-grade effects to be used with any input source as you record.

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Improved Monitoring for Better Recordings M-Track Quad offers ultra-low latency monitoring of the input Alesis iO2 USB AudioMIDI Interface through the speakers or via headphones. Now you can monitor and record with or without real-time effects! Tracking without hearing effects and signal processing is like playing a video game with your eyes closed.

Review: Alesis iO Dock II

Musicians rely on aural cues when performing, and their performance can vary depending on what they hear in their monitors. Adding just the right amount of compression, EQ, and reverb can make a huge difference in their ability to hear themselves clearly and to experience their performance as if it occurred in a natural space rather than in the artificial sonic environment of the studio. The result Alesis iO2 USB AudioMIDI Interface a better performance and ultimately a better recording.

Both of which are very disorienting. Fortunately, our engineering wizards have dramatically reduced processing delay in the AudioBox VSL series. The result: With components carefully selected in critical listening tests and a highly efficient circuit design, Duet was built by Apogee engineers to make a difference you can hear. There are only two simultaneous inputs but this is often enough for many iPad musicians and Alesis also makes the iO Mix, with four Alesis iO2 USB AudioMIDI Interface, if you need more. The direct monitoring option is very helpful when tracking as it feeds your input straight back to your headphones, eliminating latency.

Alesis IO2 USB Audio Interface

Additionally, IO Dock II has improved guitar circuitry over it's predecessor which allows for a higher input gain and gives recordings a little more warmth. The current lack of physical case adaptors for the iPad Air or Mini limits its appeal to owners of previous iPad models, though there are Alesis iO2 USB AudioMIDI Interface many of these around of course. It might also have Alesis iO2 USB AudioMIDI Interface sense when considering video out to have replaced the old connector with HDMI, instead of nothing. With increasing numbers of USB interfaces now offering iPad as well as desktop support, iPad docks are becoming a bit more of a niche proposition.

They do have particular strengths: But without direct physical support for the Air and Mini, Alesis is missing a trick and keeping its otherwise very solid iO Dock II looking backwards rather than forwards. Very portable. Direct monitoring. Lightning and pin support.


Alesis iO2 - Portable 2-channel USB audio interface. Designed as the ideal Audio/MIDI companion to notebook computer-based recording environments, the.

Alesis iO2 Express - Bit USB Recording Interface. Complete iO software, the iO2 EXPRESS is compatible with virtually all audio and MIDI software.

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