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This means all the devices present in the powerline network will enjoy guaranteed QoS. The HP and other HomePlug 1. Melalui jangka panjang kami strategi bisnis dan perkembangan yang inovatif, EDIMAX telah terbukti menjadi produsen nilai-tambah dan berorientasi pelanggan terkenal di industri jaringan. Garis lebar Edimax HP-5101K WLAN komprehensif EDIMAX ini produk memenuhi kebutuhan konektivitas dari setiap arsitektur jaringan atau aplikasi. It consists of two powerline ethernet devices - one that connects to a router, and another one that has two ethernet ports and a built in wireless access point. It works quite well and is an easy way to extend a network without having to run ethernet cable.

I have found that these devices are rarely a replacement for ethernet. In many ways they're better than wi-fi but I have never come close to getting the promised megabit speed that this and other products tout. The reality for me is closer to megabits and that is when the devices are connected to the same outlet. In a real-world application the best I can pull down is about megabits Edimax HP-5101K WLAN sustained speed. This button is used to change the network name of all 17 21 adapters that appear in the Main tab. If the network name is modified to anything other than the default, the network type in the Main tab will be changed to Private. The upper panel displays technical data concerning the software and hardware on the host computer and the lower panel displays the history of all remote devices.

In Preferences panel, you can enable or disable the AutoScan function. When the function is enabled, the utility will auto scan the powerline adapters in the network and show the adapters in the Main tab.

If you have disabled this function, please click Scan button in the Main tab to scan the adapters manually. The Power LED will start to blink.

Step 3 Wait for the connection to be established. Wait for the connection to be established.

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  • Edimax HP-5101K - bridge - wall-pluggable
  • Otsing (arhiveeritud tooted)
  • HP User Manual / v1.1

Troubleshooting If your powerline adapters have difficulty communicating with each other, try the following procedures: Try power cycling Edimax HP-5101K WLAN unit by unplugging it from the electric outlet for 10 seconds and plugging it in again. The units will reset and attempt to establish a connection using factory default settings. Try plugging the powerline adapter into an adjacent electric outlet.

This powerline adapter should not be used on GFI protected electric outlets, as some outlets will filter out the powerline signal. This powerline adapter should not Edimax HP-5101K WLAN used in areas with excessive heat.

Edimax HPK – Mbps Nano PowerLine Adapter Kit –

Certain florescent or incandescent lights are noise sources that can degrade performance. By eliminating the need for complicated cable planning and installation, users Edimax HP-5101K WLAN easily expand the network capabilities in their homes or offices.

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The HP is also offered in a kit bundle, the HPK, which comes with two powerline adapters, allowing users to set up their powerline network right away. HPK.

Create a High Speed Network for IPTV with HP-5101K AV500 Powerline Adapter

Easy plug-n-play setup and bit AES security; Maximum powerline speed tp to Mbps; Backward compatible with Mbps powerline adapters. The Edimax HP not only complies with the HomePlug AV standard but also supports IGMP managed multicast streams. Edimax HP-5101K WLAN


The HP can transmit network.

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