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With the introduction of iscsi we need to be careful.

We do not have enough experience with either iscsi to allow us to support devices if we have already qualified a SCSI or FC device. We are still in the early days of S deployment, and we prefer to err on the side of caution.

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Until we have built up enough confidence with S HBAs and drivers on the various platforms that we support, we are going to require that any S storage device be qualified with a specific S HBA, preferable one that we have already qualified devices on. For iscsi devices, there is still not a "standard" connection method. Many people use iscsi initiator software that is available for various OSes Microsoft has one, Solaris includes on as do some of the newer Linux versions while ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library use iscsi HBAs Qlogic 4xxx. For the foreseeable future, we will only qualify the ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library version of target device tape drive or tape library with a specific initiator i.

MS iscsi Initiator v 2. July 1, Copyright EMC. All rights reserved 3 Device Information: The emulated tape drive is listed in the E-Lab Interoperability Navigator. A fundamental challenge in the development ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library an efficacious tumor vaccine is immune suppression or tolerance that can occur. There is therefore a need to establish vaccine embodiments that elicit immune responses of sufficient breadth and vigor to prevent progression and or clear the tumor. Such a composition can simultaneously target multiple dominant and subdominant epitopes and thereby be used to achieve effective immunization in a diverse population. Carcinoembryonic antigen CEA is a kD cell surface ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library secreted glycoprotein overexpressed on most human adenocarcinomas including colon, rectal, pancreatic and gastric Muraro et al.

CEA is also expressed, to some extent, on normal epithelium and in some fetal tissues Thompson et al.

The abnormally high expression on cancer cells makes CEA an important target for immunotherapy. The information provided in this section is intended to disclose the presently understood state of the art as of the filing date of the present application. Information is included in this section which was generated subsequent to the priority date of this application. Accordingly, information in this section is not intended, in any way, to delineate the priority date for the invention. Identification of ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library restricted by more than one HLA allele at an affinity that correlates with immunogenicity is important to provide thorough population coverage, and to allow the elicitation of responses of sufficient vigor to prevent or clear an infection in a diverse segment of the population.

Such a response can also target a broad array of epitopes. The technology disclosed herein provides for such favored immune responses.


In a preferred embodiment, epitopes for inclusion in vaccine compositions of the invention are selected by a process whereby protein sequences of known antigens are evaluated for the presence of motif or supermotif-bearing epitopes. ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library corresponding to a motif- or supermotif-bearing epitope are then synthesized and tested for the ability to bind to the HLA molecule that recognizes the selected motif.

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Those peptides that bind at an intermediate or high affinity i. Immunogenic peptide epitopes are selected for inclusion in vaccine compositions.

ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library peptides may additionally be tested for the ability to bind to multiple alleles within the HLA supertype family. The invention also includes embodiments comprising methods for monitoring or evaluating an immune response to a TAA in a patient having a known HLA-type. A CTL peptide epitope may, for example, be used as a component of a tetrameric complex for this type of analysis.

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An alternative modality for defining ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library peptide epitopes in accordance with the invention is to recite the physical properties, such as length; primary structure; or charge, which are correlated with binding to a particular allele-specific HLA molecule or group of allele-specific HLA molecules. A further modality for defining peptide epitopes is to recite the physical properties of an HLA binding pocket, or properties shared by several allele-specific HLA binding pockets e. As will be apparent from the discussion below, other methods and embodiments are also contemplated.

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Further, novel synthetic peptides produced by any of the methods described herein are also part of the invention. The peptide epitopes, which are derived directly or indirectly from native TAA protein amino acid sequences, are able to bind to HLA molecules and stimulate an immune response to the TAA. Peptide epitopes and analogs thereof can also be readily determined from sequence information that may subsequently be discovered for heretofore unknown variants ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library particular TAAs, as will be clear from the disclosure provided below. A list of target TAA includes, but is not limited to, the following antigens: The peptide epitopes of the invention have been identified in a number of ways, as will be discussed below.

ADIC QLS Tape Library · ADIC QLS Tape Library · ADIC QLS Tape Library ADIC QLS Tape Library ADIC QLS-440 Tape Library ADIC QLS Tape Library. Indeed, in some countries there may be tape drive models available that are not available for sale in this country but yet. ADIC QLS SDX

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